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Sunday, March 25, 2012


MATARAM,  - Sex education consultant, Dr Andik Wijaya stated until now the government still has not been consistent in fighting crime is not an abortion, which is increasingly prevalent in the country.
"The act of abortion is no longer dominated by the urban community, but also has signed up to the outposts of the village. Abortion more and more because the government is using double standards," he said at the seminar, attended by hundreds of teenagers / youth of the church as Lombok in Mataram, on Friday night .
Abortion is often conducted among youth and adolescents who engage in casual sex, it was done by the clinics are below the government target. Government on the one hand and responsible authorities to crack down and eradicate abortion, but on the one hand it gives the government a chance.
"So do not be surprised if this condition is often used for the purpose of enriching themselves. Case of abortions each year in Indonesia continues to increase," he said. Taboo subject of sex is no longer appropriate today. Youth and teens today need proper sex education.
Parents who are not ready to give the correct sex education to their children will only have her children get sex information is wrong, either through the mass media, readings and explanations from peers.
Adolescents often seek a solution in the wrong, because it does not get the answers they need from their parents. "In the search for identity that caused no small itupula youth and our young people today are lost, ultimately involved promiscuity, which they eventually were forced to perform abortions," he said.
Furthermore, Dr Andik Wijaya who specializes in sexual education states that the involvement of youth or youth in the act of abortion is an adverse impact on the social, psychological, and psychiatric.
To be sure, the young woman or teenager who has performed abortions, it will haunt the lives of all time, and will never be erased from his memory. In fact in question would feel marginalized in social or community.
About the existence of condoms is said to reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS, Dr Andi Wijaya expressly stated, such opinion is wrong thinking.
"Manufacturers of condoms is often misleading," he said. From the results of studies conducted in developed countries, it is irrelevant condoms in preventing transmission of HIV / AIDS.
Therefore, a case of advanced societies in the United States now, has been shifting the use of condoms is a lifestyle change. They argue that life without a condom is much better.
Consciously or not, our society has now entered the trap of condom factories. As if the condom is a solution. "Life without a condom is much better. If we want to live right, we should no longer get stuck pergailan free," he said.
Sources: Reuters

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