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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

addicted sexs do 10 times a day

Donna Glover, DISEASED Strange Woman Should Have sex 10 times a day
Strange disease has made a woman to have sex 10 times a day. He has been associated with 150 men despite being married 5 years and have 5 pairs.
Donna Glover, 40 described his experience "When I was in a period of illness, all I wanted was sex. No matter where, by whom or what the consequences. I just want to do it".
"This is a very urgent desire that I can not control. I am a sexual predator and I have to satisfy this urge as soon as possible, and even with people who are totally unfamiliar."
He said he had slept with more than 150 men despite being married 5 years and has five long-term partner. Glover says he suffered sexual urges this as a teenager.
But in a visit to a doctor lately he has diagnosed as Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS), also known as syndrome-Sleeping Beauty. Approximately one out of 6 million people suffer from this disease.
Besides destroying its relationship and make it difficult to get a job, it makes the disease activity is a second job to buy vegetables.
"I was in the supermarket when young people make eye contact. In a few minutes we were in the park each undressing each other," he told the British media.
"I'll check the chat room to find a man that makes me fit. We plan to meet and within an hour or two we'll have sex in her home, hotel and even in cars. Location does not matter. My main concern is the sexual needs."
Glover, who divorced and has one child, have signs of excessive sleeping, a different behavior and hiperseks diagnosed as KLS. Now he is aware of his illness, he took precautions. He drew from his cell phone battery, turn off the internet and stay home.
Dr Hilary Jones, who became a columnist at the News of the World, says KLS might be due to an imbalance of brain chemicals and treatment with amphetamines and drugs such as lithium is sometimes helpful.

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