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Monday, March 26, 2012

After the painful vaginal orgasm

 In the matter of sex, women do not just want to enjoy, but also want to know what it means and why. Unfortunately, not a few women who are embarrassed to ask this affair. Well, so do not wonder, Dr Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, SpRM, MKes-MMR (F), consultant sexologist and specialist medical rehabilitation of Cipto Mangunkusumo share their knowledge on questions that are often embarrassed expressed by women.
Why the urge to urinate arises in women during sexual intercourse?
Symptoms was not always like to urinate during sexual intercourse. The desire to urinate may occur if the bladder is filled at least more than half. Moreover, sexual activity, especially when approaching moment of orgasm, the muscles around the pelvis and the bladder begins to contract. As a result, urine is in the depressed and tend to be pushed out.
It is almost similar Julianda expressed by Dr. Lee, an obstetrics and gynecology at the Pacific Specialit Practice, Singapore. According to him, the most sensitive part of the bladder, which is the trigone, very close to the outer wall of the vagina so that the stimulation experienced during penetration will cause a sensation to urinate. So, do not worry if during sexual activity you want to urinate. However, if disturbed, better pee before having sex.
Why the vagina to feel the pain and tingling to the touch after an orgasm?
Not only women, men also like it. After ejaculation, the man would be amused to touch her nipples. Orgasms make persyarafan in the genital area is in a state of high arousal, so if there is a new stimulus will lead to a sense of pain or tingling.
Is a wide vagina after giving birth can be felt by the husband?
Yes, indeed this trend could very well happen that the elasticity of the muscles around the pelvic floor is usually called the pelvic floor muscles will be reduced. As a result, the flexing felt a little smaller. However, in healthy women and diligent exercise, the actual decline in this elasticity will return to its original state within a short time later. There are special exercises called Kegels exercises that help speed the return of the elasticity of the muscles of the pelvic floor in women and makes the pelvic muscles become tight. Ask your gynecologist right way to do it. Lean muscle contractions when the orgasm will create more robust, automated pleasure to have sex will be felt much longer.
Is it normal if a woman reaches orgasm with masturbation?
Normal course. Just as man can get orgasm by masturbation. Only, in women can be distinguished, there is an orgasm caused by clitoral stimulation, and some are due to stimulation of the G-Spot.
Meanwhile, Dr Julianda Lee argues, most women can achieve orgasm when her clitoris to get stimulus and very easy to do when masturbating. So, it does not matter as long as women do that are safe and approved by the husband. However, if you want to get an orgasm when having sex, it's better to try a position that is more focused stimulation of the clitoris or the so-called coital alignment technique like the doggy style position.
But, in fact, during sexual intercourse can a woman get an orgasm from stimulation to the clitoris and the g-spot. Orgasm due to clitoral stimulation clitoral orgasm is called, while the g-spot is called vaginal orgasm. If you can both do together will be more fun again for women. Due to a double alias multiple orgasms (multiple times). For this are many techniques that can be done which in essence can be about these two places together. How, yes with the skills to train together.
So the position of making love with doggy style style is not dangerous?
Throughout the couple in good health and normal, no harmful sex positions. The important thing is we and your partner can enjoy the game. The doggy style position also has the advantage for women where the uterus bent backwards (retrofleksi). With this sex positions will make it easier for the occurrence of pregnancy. Therefore, the sperm meet the egg easier.
Is it normal to orgasm a woman found in a long time when having sex with a partner, but fast when masturbating?
It could be because women are basically took a longer time than men to achieve a state of "heat." It should be understood, with masturbation stimuli usually directly fixed to the genital area and certain places making it easier for the orgasm.
Often women want to try a variation of style in a sexual relationship, but is concerned with the views of their partners?
Why did not dare to try? Remember, one key to longevity in the home is a healthy sex life and routine. If the couple themselves, there should be no more obstacles to any variation. Of course a healthy and safe for both. Also pleased lo husband if his wife could do the styles are varied and have sex out of the ordinary. However, once again, the core having sex are both enjoy. In my opinion, why do the weird style if one of us can not enjoy it? In fact, the style that made its goal of making love with pleasure.
(Gazali Solahuddin)

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