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Thursday, March 29, 2012

area of the body shape of women who make men fantasize

10 Body Parts that Make Men Women Fantasize

Women are creatures of beauty. Beauty of a woman's body makes the brain straight men fantasize. But there are some parts that are considered the most sexy and attractive in a woman's body. What are they?

From hair to toe, there are certain parts of the female body is often a favorite of men. Among them, 10 are considered the most attractive parts of the body and brain can make a man a 'clear' alias has more fantasy:


A woman's breasts can be regarded as the most attractive to men. Most men are so idolized woman with large breasts. But size will not be any good if your breasts are not healthy. Highly susceptible to breast cancer. In fact, according to WHO data, payu.dara cancer is cancer that kills more women.


Hips or waist

 Based on a study by American scientists, led by Michel Hopkins, found that the most interesting part of the female body is the waist. The smaller the waist is considered more attractive. However, a small waist is not only regarded as an attraction. Also described the woman's body shape health and fertility. Describe a small waist is a little fat and high levels of female sex hormones, namely estrogen.


Some men say that the lip is an important part of the body that could make him fantasize. Besides being a part that is considered sexy, lips, also including the most sensitive part on a woman's body and into the erotic zone.


Similarly, the lips, he is also considered a part of a sexy neck and quickly attracted attention. There are many nerves in the neck is also made ​​into the erotic zone in her body.


 If men want a woman bellied slender, then the opposite applies to the buttocks. Most men idolize women who have large buttocks, solid and tight. Get a butt like that form will not be easy, because it takes practice and care. Do jogging or cycling to get a beautiful butt.

Calf or leg

Men love to see women's legs, especially calves. Men prefer women who wear knee-length skirt or shorts to indicate calves.


For some men, a strong arm and fast to make it always amazed. It is usually associated with male sexual fantasy partner who wants sex with a particular position which involves arm strength


 Who says the back is not the sexy part? Some of the men admitted that the couple always make it back in awe, especially when your back well cared for.


 For most men, a woman with long hair is considered more sexy and beautiful. But that does not mean short-haired woman is not beautiful. The key is how you treat and maintain healthy hair. Do not let dull hair, smell or loss that can often lead to baldness.


sometimes a lot of men also looked at the form of genitalia or vagina, from the outer layer atu tight pants will cause transparent form of the genitalia, small or large menthol kerenya language ...

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