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Friday, March 30, 2012

Artificial sperm creation scientists english

Infertility can result from a disturbance in male or female reproductive tract. Disruption in the husband may be impaired sperm, ejaculation disorder, or impotence. Therefore, men also need to conduct tests to determine the cause of failed pregnancy and how to overcome them. Then, when the husband's sperm quality needs to be checked?
A. If the wife is not pregnant a year after getting married despite having had sexual intercourse regularly (2-3 times a week without pills).
2. If you currently married 35-year-old wife, but not pregnant six months after the marriage despite regular sexual intercourse.
3. If the time of marriage the wife was 40 years old, but not pregnant three months after the marriage despite regular sexual intercourse.
4. If all three of these things happen, it's worth seeing a doctor for examination. The most convenient, check with husband semen analysis. However, the ideal is to conduct the examination on both sides, both wife and husband. Analysis of sperm should not be done haphazardly because the results can be biased. The most appropriate is to analyze the sperm to fertility clinics.

artificial seminal
indeed advanced human thinking now, because many men with infertility.
scientists conduct research to create artificial sperm
The rapid stem cell research entered a new phase. British scientists claim to have created human sperm from embryonic stem cells (embryonic stem cells) are the first in the world. Through these findings is expected to help infertile men to have biological children.
Through research for 10 years, scientists have developed a basic knowledge of how sperm develop to design therapies that allow infertile men to have children. This was revealed by researchers from the University Newcastel Karim Nayernia, England, who had managed to produce baby mice from artificial sperm with similar techniques.
The results of joint research between scientists from Newcastle and the Northeast England Stem Cell Institute has been published in a scientific journal Stem Cells and Development.
So far, stem cells are the results of basic research in biology that brings a major breakthrough in medicine. Terdiferensiaasi stem cells are cells that can multiply to produce other stem cells.
Theoretically, stem cells could be a variety of cells in the body, such as heart cells, brain cells, pancreas, or blood vessels.
Still in doubt
Several other states have not been convinced experts with the creation of sperm cells Nayernia and his team. According to the critics, who created the sperm cells are abnormal.
"From Professor Nayernia paper that I read, I'm not sure the sperm derived from embryonic stem cells can be accurately called a spermatozoon," said Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology at the University of Sheffield, UK.
In a statement, Pacey reveals, sperm creation Nayernia not have the size, shape, movement, and sperm function as the original.
In line with Pacey, Azim Surani, professor of physiological and reproductive health from the University of Cambridge said the sperm that created a team of experts from Newcastle is still far from the actual sperm cells.
Although Nayernia said the creation of sperm cells showed all the characteristics of sperm, but critics say it's creation is only open new horizons in research that are still early and not be used to fertilize the egg.
According to Nayernia, the UK government's current law still prohibits the creation of embryos from artificial sperm lab. In fact, he argues, the main reason for making sperm is to find out the cause of infertility, not to fertilize an egg.
He said he hopes there is relaxation of the law to allow the scientists to try these sperm cells that could produce an effective therapy for treating infertility.
Sources: healthdaynews

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