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Thursday, March 29, 2012

artist can also diboking

Entertainment world is retan with temptation. Including professional artists. Not a new story if there were a few artists, especially new artists who can be invited as a date one night. Not only women, male artists were also there are odd like that.

  Than just accompany karaoke, dinner to sleep together. Want to know what date tariffs together with the artist? Detikhot recently did an interview with an artist manager, who is now a manager Reindhy artist singer Syahrini.

  Reindhy said, the phenomenon of double job as artists is there a date from the past. Reindhy also said that artists rates vary depending on the needs of the 'buyer'.

"It's a long story, not a new phenomenon happening lately. That story bisa'dibooking artists' already exists from ancient times. Artist-senior ATIS also know that," he said seriously. Soon she carried a dark story of the entertainment world .

"It's not my experience in management, but I know that there are artists who can 'Most Wanted' to accompany karaoke for example, its rate was varied. If it is not usually top USD 2.5 million, was only to accompany karaoke aja ya, "he added details about the artist rates to date.

  But wait, that price is the price for just a karaoke company. If you want a more intimate and the price is different. Spent their money would be much deeper. Sleep with my example.

  From $ 10 to $ 100 million more could be priced depending on the popularity that carried the artist. The more famous, more expensive tariff.

"Well if you want to go is usually the boss must be negotiable prices again the same artist. The deal price can vary more, especially if they fit, feeling disconnected, or to play, can suddenly become rich suddenly tuh the top artists who have not even once, "continued Reindhy memanajeri number of artists who have it.

  As an artist manager, Reindhy also did not deny there is any offer of rogue bosses who want to date artist management. But it was rejected outright.

"That's nonsense. But luckily I never have my events management. My professional work, I am very, very uphold professional values ​​in the work, "he explained.

"Artists do not need me to do that because as artists they do have a sale value in the entertainment industry. So they are not necessary to do things like that, "he said.

  Reindhy now the focus of the artist singer Syahrini handle. Men born in Jakarta 14 September 1972 the band also had to take care of ST 12, Duo-Shinta Jojo, Penelope Love, Ressa Herlambang and Melinda 'Love and One Nights'.


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