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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Basic knowledge of Big O

Orgasm is not limited to sexual physical activity, knowledge about and more importantly how to achieve it. The more you know, the more you know your body and your reaction to the stimulus, the more likely you are to the point "O" is. Knowledge is important. Intensity, manner and frequency are the next things. Below are the questions that most often appear on the big O. If the question is in your head about the big O no below, keep looking out. The more know, you will be more aware of your body and its response to sexual stimulation from a partner.
Does every woman can achieve orgasm?
Can. "The potential to achieve orgasm in every person, except in some specific conditions," said Barry Komisaruk, Ph.D., author of The Science of Orgasm. If there are women who are sexually active but never reach it, chances are he has not received proper stimulation or stimulation. High stress, trauma in the past, or the antidepressant can be a barrier a woman reaches that point. Discuss this issue with trusted sex therapist to find out the central problem.
Is the "G-spot" is the secret to orgasm?
It is yet to be answered with certainty. Some studies suggest that by stimulating the G-spot, can help women achieve orgasm. However, the satisfaction of the stimulus at the point it does not mean the same in all women. There is very like it, some are actually feeling pain and feeling the urge to urinate urinate when the G-spot stimulation it gets.
The new female orgasm can be obtained when doing "main menu"?
Studies show that 70 percent of women do not always have orgasms through intercourse. Every woman's body, according to Komisaruk, different structure. Therefore, most women feel more comfortable clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. Generally, to achieve orgasm, a woman needs stimulation in four areas: the vagina, clitoris, uterus, and cervix. The more the area is stimulated, the more likely you are to achieve orgasm, and the more powerful it feels. It takes experimentation and cooperation with partners who are patient enough to help a woman who has never felt this.
Kegel exercises can help to achieve orgasm?
Kegel exercise involves tightening and release of muscle tension pubococcygeus (PC)-containing nerve endings in large quantities. These nerves provide a pleasant sensation in the vagina. The stronger the PC muscle, is expected to correlate with response orgasmis. Part of the pleasure of orgasm can be caused by the contraction responses of certain muscles. Stronger muscles that can lead to more enjoyment.
Is the position of WOT is the best position for women to reach orgasm?
Not always. Some women like Woman on Top position because they feel a sense of rhythm control and maximize clitoral stimulation. However, most women prefer lying down his back to her partner to achieve optimal stimulation in the front wall of the vagina. Best position to reach orgasm for women depending on their preferences and how the partner in providing stimulation.
Source: Redbook

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