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Sunday, March 25, 2012

the benefits of voice when dealing sexs

 How the atmosphere in the room while you and your partner are making love? There was a rustling noises or otherwise peculiar, silent, silent? Erotic sounds, such as arousal or orgasm, it can be sexual stimulation is psychic. With the hearing, a person can be more aroused.
However, not everyone understands that the noise during sex may play a role like that. In fact many people are trying not to sound does not appear in action, by reason of shame if it sounds. It has indeed become a habit in eastern culture, especially among the women. Some women still think of sex as a very personal thing.
In fact, according to Susan Block, sex therapist and founder of the United States Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, in his book The 10 Commandments of Pleasure, expressing the joys of sex with the groans and screams little spoiled nan is highly recommended. Why? Because of moans, groans, sighs, and groans during sex and your partner will lead you to the top of the incredible sensation.
The phrase sounds also have an influence on yourself and your partner in achieving sexual satisfaction. In addition, the sighs and groans signifies freedom of expression and the satisfaction of having sex with a partner.
The need for sound
In a study published on the site WebMD.com, Dr Roy Levin MD, a biomedical and seksologis United states that there are at least four reasons why one particular noises during sexual activity. That reason, among others:
A. Convey information. Either consciously or unconsciously, we are noises while making love to tell your partner about what happens in sex. We will give voice to show what we like and do not, want more or less stimulation we receive, as well as before and is an orgasm.
2. Enhance. Sounds that are proven to increase sexual arousal, either on your voice heard and to couples. Why? Because the more you express with sound, this could signal the partner that you enjoy the sex that she gave, especially the sounds of orgasm. And vice versa. If you can stimulate the couple well, and he made a sound or uncontrollable physical movement, then you will be more zealous in action.
3. Add to the enjoyment. Or a fancy term hedonic amplification. According to Levin, the sound add to the enjoyment of sex can not because the sound itself, but because of their impact on respiration. When we are very excited and close to orgasm, it usually sounds rose more rapidly and in, or the term hyperventilation. These circumstances alone can deliver someone from mild euphoria to trancelike state (the condition of someone cut off the relationship with their surroundings, or the unconscious).
4. Synchronization system arousal. By making noise during sex, we seem to synchronize the drive system in the body. So, it sounds like a message sent through the body with the result of increased arousal in response.
Nevertheless, a sound to express sexual pleasure is not a necessity. Many couples are choosing to hold her voice, though in fact no concerns will be heard followed by others. According to Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First, when a woman reaches orgasm, they become more focused on what is being done, and finally able to maximize the pleasure. "People who keep quiet during sex chances are preparing to get her orgasms. Precisely those who are screaming and moaning it's probably just faking it," he said.
What about you? Are you the type who always express their sexual pleasure through the sound, or the quiet type?

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