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Friday, March 30, 2012

choose beef imports

 Variations menu there should be in every home. Beef imports from Australia could be chosen. To get this premium quality fresh meat, Ranch Market Australian Food Promotion held during April in six outlets (Dharmawangsa Square, Artery Pondok Indah, West Housing, Pavilion P, Puri Indah, and Kemang Raya).

Not hard to process beef that is known is soft and gentle. But you need to cut the meat according to the type of cooking. Rudiansyah, Store Manager of the Ranch Market outlet Oakwood, said there are prime and secondary cut of meat cut for premium quality from Australia.

"Prime cut has taken from the cow. This is pure meat, tender because there is no muscle," said Rudi told Reuters at the opening of Australian Female Food Promo at Oakwood, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/4/2010) ago.

Prime cut more appropriately treated as a steak. While the secondary cut is generally made ​​into pieces for soup preparations, rendang, curry, or other typical dishes such as rawon. Processed meat from the outside has imported cattle can also be cooked as skemer, ie, the pierced piece of meat like kebabs.

Make sure the meat you buy in supermarkets are stored in proper temperature, that is 2-4 degrees Celsius. Also ask for ice when the temperature of the meat to stay awake until I got home. Freshness of the meat will give you different pleasure when consumed.

You also can mimic the menu at the Ranch Kitchen chef processed, which presents a variety of specialties Australia. Simply wait for the process of cooking for 5-15 minutes with the menu or the level of maturity according to taste. After that you can practice at home.

In order for Quick Beef Soft

Many of the dishes we made major beef. Call it the rendang, empal, or broil. Cook it, needed a special trick. Not just a matter of seasoning mix, but also choosing the right meat for any dish.
Easy trick
To stir-fry dishes, use a soft piece of meat because the cooking time soon. While for cooking stew or stew, you should use a more solid meat. "Especially when cooking foods that are boiled or diungkep old, like rendang. Meat is tender more easily destroyed during cooking takes place," said Sous Chef Prasetyo Widodo of satoo Restaurant, Hotel Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.
Meat is tender, it is preferred because it does not make you work hard teeth. That is why, like a soft piece of tenderloin is relatively more expensive. But do not be desperate. In a special way, the texture can be made more tender meat. For example, by poking the meat using a special needle. You can also use papaya leaves wrapped meat or meat by diluting the lapping both sides using a meat mallet. There are also products of powdered meat tenderizer, but it is possible to alter the taste of meat. You want the flavor and freshness of the meat still excellent, right?
At the producer level, also developed in ways that are more technical. Like dry aged beef, beef stored in minimal moisture. After being slaughtered and cleaned, the meat is stored in a special room with good air circulation. Room temperature is maintained at a temperature of 0-2 degrees Celsius with humidity levels of 60 percent.
During the storage period, three to four weeks, the natural enzymes in beef work describes the meat tissues. After the meat is cleaned, cut and sold to consumers. "As a result produced more tender meat with a richer flavor," said Dwi Aryanto, perishable Ranch Market Manager at The Landmark, London.
Carefully choose
Processed meat delicacy of the materials used are determined. Choose fresh red meat. Dark red meat of cows cut marks are old or too long display in the window. Fresh meat look a little shiny but not slimy. Does not feel sticky when held in hand.
Note the color of meat fat. According to Dwi Aryanto, fresh meat have fat white with a pink hue, instead of white.
When buying meat in airtight packaging, choose a cool, do not have excess fluid that pooled in the packaging, and packaged well with no defects in the packaging.
Cook the meat on the same day as purchase. If not used completely, store the meat in the freezer. Avoid repeated freeze the meat as it can eliminate the extract.
Sources: Martha Stewart Living Indonesia

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