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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The couple's hands point to the Sensitive

Consider the experience of Ira spoken during the lunch break at work. That night Ira melulurkan only balm gently massaging her husband's body aches. A few minutes later they were affectionately called struggle ended very deep and blissful orgasm.
Massage, according to Lianny Hendranata, author of Sexuality, Keys to Happiness, is a panacea to eliminate disease and loss of sex drive saturated in the household. "Why not use massage as a means of recreation for mental relaxation as well as husband and wife," said therapist this aura.
The massage is done with her partner with or without intent to have intercourse. "The survey results in many couples, each massage is almost always end with the marital relationship that feels more intimate and almost certainly reach orgasm together," he said, with a knowing smile.
Naturally, if there is an orgasm in a sexual relationship that began with the massage. For, loving gentle massage that burst of energy and love of husband and wife anneal, resulting in romance. "It ends up feeling happy," he said.
Chance that massage is a time for husband and wife to know each other and appreciate every inch of your partner's body. Also to recognize their erotic area. "It takes a joint participation in order along to a climax.
Husband and wife should be mutually responsive. There should not cry or moan during sex, but passivity and cold should also be shunned, "he said.
Husband and wife, especially a long-married, should not have to shy to tell her partner what they want. "Just tell me which part that gives the sensation of fun and excite.
If you do not like certain positions or movements, say so frankly. It is very important to always be expressed in both directions, because this is the key to longevity living in pairs, "he explained.
However, keep in mind in his desire to mate is sweet and said words do not seem bossy. Habits dictate, especially as patronizing, must be disposed of far away. "Ask sincerely and gently convey spoiled. Insha Allah couples intimacy always awake, "he said.
Not only theorize, Liany also provide practical guidance for you. The following exercises will give warmth to you and your partner. Remember, do not focus on intercourse as the basis for the purpose. Enjoy it while receiving and giving a gentle touch, and when each speak affectionately.
A. Begin to build intimacy with a partner's eyes staring lovingly. Do it gently into the face of the couple kissing, neck, and lips. Breathe out the words of sincere love and not invented or exaggerated. Help the couple to feel loved and needed.
2. Grab her hand and then navigate to the section you want to caress him. Do the same thing to him. Not only hand that can be used to caress. Also use the tongue to scour the sensitive parts. Warm, wet tongue and a very effective spur burst of passion.
3. Give a longer portion of time for each massage, stroking, and others, as an effective form of heating for relaxation for you and your soul mate. Forward relaxation with recreation of the soul. How, in bergerilyalah fondle your partner!
4. In sex, selfishness must be eliminated. If you want to obtain maximum results, you also have to give up.
Sources: GHS

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