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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daily schedule for getting slim body

Beautiful and slim body is not obtained by the instant, but it takes effort and consistency. In one day at least you should be a good set of calories into the body and set up a schedule of diet and physical activity with the right sound.
According to Dr. Travis Stork, MD, and editor of Men's Health, Peter Moore in his book, The Lean Belly Prescription, there are some healthy ways you can do every hour of the day, to get a slim body permanently.
The main key is to find the best time to exercise and eat, to maximize weight loss. Even so avoid decrease in metabolism, as well as burning calories and make sure there is a maximum of abdominal fat. More details, see Stroke and the suggestion of Dr. Moore for slimming the right way every day is:
A. At 07.00
After getting out of bed, do some little exercise to improve stamina and spirit of the morning. Do exercise like jumping rope, push ups, sit ups or jumping jacks for two minutes every morning.
2.Pukul 07:15
Start breakfast with foods that contain protein such as eggs, one sheet of meat. According to a study conducted by Purdue University in 2009, had breakfast with high protein foods will make you feel full longer throughout the day. This will help you to avoid overeating habits.
3. 7:45 pm
If at all possible to go to the gym in the morning, then do it. Go to the gym and do some low weight training for at least three seconds. According to research conducted by Wayne State University, with a low weight training and endurance training, may increase metabolism for up to three days. However, if you have to go to work, then try to do a little stretching before departure, and try to reproduce on foot.
4. At 09.00
Drink a glass of low fat milk. A diet containing lots of calcium milk may help weight loss.
5. At 10.00
Do not cover the body for snacking. Take protein-rich snack, like half a roast chicken sandwich with no fat and whole grain breads. In a study conducted at Georgia State University revealed that athletes who eat a snack three times as much as 250 calories per day, it's easier to lose fat on the body and have more energy than those who do not snack.
6. At 11.00
In the office, try to walk fast around the office. Do not be lazy to deliver the document to your friends in a different room, or on different floors as this can help you burn more fat. A study at the Mayo Clinic found that lean people walking about 5.6 miles per day compared with obese people.
7. At 12.00
At lunch, try to mengasup magnesium-containing foods such as spinach, and fish, fisheries. Because magnesium is a food that can help increase metabolism.
8. At 16.00
These hours, you should drink a glass of warm or cold green tea. Besides can refresh your body and mind, the catechins in green tea can reduce body fat.
9. At 17.00
When the home office and start stuck in traffic, usually the stomach will feel hungry. Prepare a snack in the form of snacks, but with a spicy flavor. These spicy snacks can help you burn fat and calories.
10. At 19.00
A few moments before dinner, get used to doing a little side streets that do not accumulate in body fat. Then, eat dinner taste. Although you already mengasup snacks should not avoid eating dinner.
"No matter if you stay for dinner after eating a snack, but be aware of is how much the number of servings and calories of food into the stomach," said Gary Foster, PhD, director of Temple University's Center for Obesity Research and Education.
11. At 21.00
Take a good book or magazine, play some music like that could be relaxed. Stress can increase cortisol, a chemical that can increase abdominal fat.
12. At 22.00
Make it feel in your bedroom as comfortable as possible, so that the incoming sunlight will not wake you up early. Make sure you sleep enough, because of lack of sleep habits will affect the hormones in the body. The impact of sleep deprivation among alter appetite becomes higher, and keep you always hungry.
Sources: prevention.com

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