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Friday, March 30, 2012

Different Types of Meat and processing methods

To ensure a level of maturity of the meat, you need to differentiate the types of meat. Therefore, the level of maturity of each type of meat is different, according to Wanda Gunawan Chef, Executive Sous Chef Intercontinental Midplaza Jakarta, told Compass Female, some time ago. Foods that are not yet perfectly ripe can cause problems, from digestive problems to the problem of bird flu virus is emerging again.

According to Wanda, beef for steak with a good quality can be said when it is cooked at temperatures around 55 degrees Celsius. While the chicken is cooked it can be said when the temperature inside the meat is at a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius. Different things to be found in minced meat, minced meat referred to as mature when temperatures are 68-70 degrees Celsius. "However, the determination of this temperature can be known only by using a food thermometer," he said.

If you want an easier way, you can perform a physical observation in the flesh. For chicken meat, can be seen from the joints. If the joints are still visible redness, arguably the meat must be cooked longer. As for the beef, especially steak, maturity can be seen from the resulting juice. If the juices are clear and the color produced was no longer turbid or colored red, then the meat is already cooked and ready to eat.

Chopped Meat Processing Tricks

In the supermarket there are two kinds of minced meat. The first, minced meat without fat, and the second fatty minced meat. We recommend using lean meat if you want to mix it with the cuisine, especially if the batter should be rounded. Fat on meat will make the rough spots.
Chop trick
To make mincemeat of quality and hygiene, follow these tips:
A. Choose lean meat, and remove the fat is hard and wiry.
2. With a wide blade and sharp, irislah beef into thin and small.
3. Minced meat with the movement in one direction, and do not forget to return the result chopped flat.
4. Food processors also can be used for chopping.
5. To make the burger should be mixed with herbs and other ingredients.
6. If you buy minced meat at the supermarket or traditional, meat should not be washed in order not to dissolve.
7. Ask the butcher at the traditional markets, whether the mill is distinguished by the type of meat used. Better to choose sellers who use a rolling pin and knife are different for each type of meat.
8. Make sure the meat seller in both traditional markets and supermarkets sell quality and halal meat.
Minced meats
Any food that can be processed with minced meat?
A. Lean minced meat suitable for the spaghetti meatball. For the sauteed vegetables, choose lean mince that.
2. In addition to stir, chop the meat is usually processed into burgers. For these preparations, there is usually a mixture, ie bread, eggs, onions, pepper, and salt. Is formed round flat dough, fried in a pan that has been given margarine.
3. Printil a simple sauce made of fried minced meat from a crushed once again by way of ground. The goal that the meat is more subtle. Give pepper and salt, make a round of a marble. Fried with a little hot oil.
4. For spaghetti bolognaise, simply roasted minced meat, bolognaise sauce add instant. Stir well.
Beef Saving Tips

 Beef is indeed one type of food preferred by many people and contain many nutrients and vitamins. The beef was also the kind of food that can be combined for a wide variety of delicious and tasty preparations as well as durable. In order to get the most out of processed products, consider how to store beef.

"That is often a problem for many people is the proper storage of beef, so as not to lose its juices and still good to eat," said Wanda Gunawan, Executive Sous Chef InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza to Compass Female, Wagyu Beef in the event Sunday Brunch at Java Restaurant , Hotel InterContinental MidPlaza, Sunday (1/15/2012) ago.

According to Chef Wanda Gunawan, the temperature had a significant influence in the storage of beef, which also affects the freshness of meat preservation. "The most optimal temperature to store the meat is up to a temperature of minus one degree Celsius," he explained.

Avoid storing beef in temperature of five degrees Celsius or more. Because this temperature can damage the meat and will allow the meat could be contaminated with various bacteria in the refrigerator and the air outside. Five degrees is the optimal temperature for breeding bacteria and "poison" the meat.

The best place to store the meat is not in the chiller and freezer. "Earlier this meat should be wrapped with plastic wrap to avoid contamination," he added.

Freezers should be avoided for storage of beef. When stored in a frozen state, the meat is no longer fresh and become drier. If meat is too frozen, the meat juices will come out together with the melting ice on the frozen meat. This is what makes the meat is not fresh, not juicy, and the quality is declining. "And the worst, the meat smells sour," he concluded.

Red meat is not liquid in the Blood

Many people feel worried when you want to process red meat, especially beef. Concerns were caused when sliced​​, the beef issue a red liquid. Does this mean the meat is still bleeding? What to do if they find meat that was processed to remove the fluid is red?

However, there needs to be clarified. Red liquid on the meat is not actually blood, but the "juice" or the juice of the meat.

Almost all the blood had actually separated from the meat when the slaughter process so you will not see blood on the white raw meat (eg chicken). There are only a small amount of blood that remains in the muscle tissue when you take the meat fresh from the supermarket.

While the issue of red meat because red meat is a red liquid usually contains water. This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, which ultimately results in the red liquid.

Basically, that's what distinguishes red meat than white meat, which is at the level of myoglobin in the meat. The more myoglobin, the red meat. That is why, most animals that have a high myoglobin content, such as mammals, is considered a red meat. The animals with low myoglobin content, like most birds (or who do not have myoglobin, like marine animals), categorized as white meat.

As mentioned earlier, is the protein myoglobin, which stores oxygen in muscle cells. This is similar to that of hemoglobin, which stores oxygen in red blood cells. Muscles do need a supply of oxygen directly to the "fuel" as used constantly. Myoglobin contains a red pigment that is so powerful that the more myoglobin, the red meat that you see. When cooked, the darker the color of meat as well.

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