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Friday, March 30, 2012

dry lubricant during intercourse woman

I want to ask, is there any influence that women often masturbate when married? Is Miss V also can not remove grease again later if if frequent masturbation? Thank you.
J. For some people, masturbation can become a habit. There is also some women who liked to be a partner to help him masturbate. But there are also some women who just want to have sex only and do not want to be assisted by their partners masturbate. Therefore, ask me whether this can be done at the time you get married. Vaginal fluid will experience a renewal process if the woman is not constantly masturbating excessively. Excessive masturbation and frequency, can lead to lack of vaginal secretions of women later.
QUESTION: Doc I wanted to ask, whether saliva can be used as a lubricant at the time of ML? What impact arising from the use of saliva as a lubricant? Especially for women who are very sensitive organ intimate? Thanks for the reply doctor.

Fitra, 21, New York
Vaginal will happen when a healthy woman and normal experience or receive adequate sexual stimulation. That is, women healthy and normal when stimulated does not require any material to wet pussy.
If you are not aroused enough, it is natural if you do not experience vaginal. But, if you turned on but not having vaginal, means something is inhibited. Something that may be disease or other physical disorders or psychological barriers as well.
The most appropriate way out is to get a check that what is causing bottlenecks, and get treatment. Using saliva is not the right way out and no help for sexual intercourse. Although not dangerous, why would you do if no benefit?
Afternoon the doctor ... I recently got married a month, but every time I have sex with my husband, my vagina has never issued a wet lubricant. So my husband was having trouble at the time of Mr P will be included. In fact, before you actually touch, we always do foreplay first about 5-10 minutes. So we decided to use the help of drugs contained in the supermarket lubricant to ease the process of penetration.
My questions: 1. Is there a problem with my vagina so that it is difficult to remove fluid as a lubricant? 2. Is it true that if we use the help of drugs lubricant, lubricant and dangerous are the drugs? 3. Are there drugs that can make the penis has always been strong. Because my husband was quick to have premature ejaculation? Thus my question, please help doctor. Thank you ..
Lina (26) Cilegon, Banten Province
Normal healthy women will experience vaginal while receiving adequate sexual stimulation. Vaginal intercourse is a physical reaction to sexual stimulation it receives. Other sexual reactions, including erectile clitoris, genital lips opening, and vaginal relaxation.
If you are not having vaginal, there are two possible causes. First, sexual stimulation you receive is not enough, both physically and psychologically. Secondly, you will experience sexual dysfunction due to specific causes. To address the vaginal barrier, must be known what causes it. Only then could be given the correct treatment.
Use of lubricants is not wrong, but does not solve the problem. In addition, many are complaining because it feels uncomfortable to use a lubricant that. About premature ejaculation, there is a drug which serves to control ejaculation so that it can be used when a husband is experiencing.
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