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Monday, March 26, 2012

enhance the romantic atmosphere of passion sexs

 Messy room conditions often make erratic mood participate, including sexual desire. The atmosphere relaxed and sexy in the bedroom to evoke passion and your partner. Therefore, create romance in your bedroom, then enjoy the sexy atmosphere alone.
Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and consultant who is also the author of numerous best-selling book in New York, gave some advice to make your bedroom sexy at home. "The key for serelaks atmosphere in the room with the decor might be. You do not have to change the room, but enough to add some inspirational things like aromatherapy candles that evoke passion, or the music section of the increasing desire, and finally gives relaxation for couples," explains Kerner.
* Start living room trim
Take a look at your bedroom from a different angle. Imagine what you can do with a partner in a cluttered room, or did not evoke mood or arousal. At the same time, begin to imagine the room is hot, from lighting, decorations, even the clothes you wear in the bedroom.
* Get rid of negative influences
Objects are scattered in the bedroom sometimes have a negative impact on emotions and undermine the mood. Therefore start getting rid of items or objects that ruin the mood. Do not let your bedroom is filled with magazines scattered on the bed, the plants are wilted or dead, the bin is full, or a scattering of socks.
* Add color and sexy atmosphere in the room
Color paint or wallpaper the walls pale blue or green is ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room. But also give a touch of color such as red and pink love to arouse desire. Consider also to repaint your bedroom, or alternatively, add accessories such as pillows or bed linens with bright colors. In addition to the color of the room, please change the atmosphere with the aroma of fresh flowers or aromatherapy candles to the more viscous impression section. To select an aromatherapy candle aroma of cinnamon and vanilla, which can arouse. Another scent lure libido include ginger, lavender, lemon, orange, patchouli, and rose. Do not forget, sexy atmosphere complete with soft music. Create a playlist of romantic and sexy in music player in your room.
* Keep sex toys neatly
Gunalkan sex toys that can help raise your libido and your partner. Including oil for massage, lubrication, vibrators, or anything related to sexual activity. Place these items in a container with a secure and inaccessible to children.
* Time to be spoiled with a partner
Well, if the atmosphere of the rooms were quite sensual, you and your partner are also more relaxed, time to indulge and enjoy intimacy. Relax in the bedroom with your partner a sexy and neat. You will likely enjoy sex with a partner like the first time. Give full attention to the couple to enjoy a relaxing evening in the room, romantic, and sexy. Created an atmosphere like this is important to maintain intimacy, togetherness, and the sexual desire of married couples.
Sources: www.bettyconfidential.com

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