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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exercise makes you Smarter

Many ways to be smart. Some say, how to diligently play games or do crossword puzzles. For those who do not like both of these activities, try to exercise. Recent research reveals, the sport turned out to make you smarter.
In various previous research has already been known that increased levels of fitness can make the muscles more resistant to fatigue. How to boost production ofmitochondria, structures in cells that produce energy for the body.
Now, a team of researchers from the University of South Carolina found a new fact: using the treadmill exercise was also able to improve brain power, causing it to work faster and more efficiently.
"The evidence gathered quickly that exercise keep the brain young," said study leader, Dr. Mark Davis.
Benefits of exercise are not just for those who are still in good health. In the long run, building a vast reservoir mitochondria in the brain can also create a buffer for brain diseases like Alzheimer's.
You do not need to imagine a sport with an integrated program, involving the exercise of strength or endurance. Jogging for 30 minutes was also able to increase brain power, and boost the signal between brain cells.

4 Advantages Sports Afternoon

Exercise in the morning is often considered more effective. According to health experts, the morning exercise can increase your metabolism, so as to regulate the body to burn more calories throughout the day. In fact, even when you rest your body still burns calories. In addition, the morning air is still clean so that it feels more comfortable when you exercise outdoors.
But if you do not include people who are easy to get up early, exercise in the afternoon or early evening was no less effective. In fact, there are four benefits that you get:
You think more about the consequences of your actions. Afternoon until the evening generally was often filled with activities such as coffee, coffee or a meal with friends, or relax in front of the TV. But when you plan a workout after work, indulge paced activity will be reduced. You definitely will not eat too much before practice aerobics or yoga. After the workout, you also tend to keep what you eat, because it did not want all your efforts to be futile exercise, right?
Sleep more soundly. If you are someone new "live" in the evening, exercise will help release the energy at peak productivity throughout the day. After exercise, the body that makes you tired fast asleep. The result, you can sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed in the state.
It's easier to be a habit. Many people who feel forced when it should be up early to exercise. As a result, it is hard to make a habit of morning exercise. Especially if you've stayed up late the night before. If this is the case, please, do not be forced. Instead, try to exercise in the afternoon. You do not have to go to the gym to gym in the afternoon. You can exercise at home, swim in the pool in the compound, jogging, badminton, or whatever you like to make the body sweat.
Recover from the stress of the day. This advantage is most important. When you've beaten all day workload, the stress of your work does not satisfy the boss, or felt the waist and back sore from sitting at a computer all, there's nothing more comforting than recovering through exercise. Enough exercise for an hour or even 30 minutes, the stress will subside and make you able to think more clearly about what you are experiencing throughout the day. Or conversely, you become able to forget the things that cause stress. Body is tired after training, again, makes you sleep better at night!
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