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Monday, March 26, 2012

get the kind of sex positions sexs boys

Regards, Doctor. I want to ask, what kind of diet for me and my husband in order to get a boy? Sex determination he could be with the acid-base theory, as if it was? In addition, if there is the influence of sex positions and sex of the baby? Please explanations because I wanted to get the boys. Thank you, Doc.
Saputra (29), United Kingdom
Determination of sex must not actually exist. This is only the attempt to enlarge the possibility of it. For the male child pairs, try to eat lots of meat on a husband and wife eating lots of vegetables. As for the sex of women do the opposite diet.
To the position of intercourse has nothing to do with sex determination. With the insemination technique, the possibility of success will be higher. Such information from me, may be useful.
Naturally, the possibility of pregnant women have about 20-25 percent in a single cycle of 20 years of age. That is, at the age of 20 years, in each ovulatory cycle, the possibility of becoming pregnant is 20-25 percent.
The sex itself was formed from the merger of the cell (fertilization) of sperm with the egg in the oviduct. Thus, the occurrence of man is not in the uterus, but at the end of the oviduct called ampulla of the fallopian tube.
"After that meeting, arguably all human beings have formed the basic material. There was incorporation of maternal chromosomes and chromosome fathers, including gender will also be formed. In the event of any abnormality, since the beginning could have known, "said Dr. Prima Progestian, Sp.OG., Puring Park RSIA Muhammadiyah, Jakarta.
After that, cells that had joined and had to log back into an embryo implanted in the uterus. Or conversely, out again as the menstrual period. In the event of a merger between the Y sperm and an egg cell X, then it will be a male fetus. Women only carry one type of chromosome (X), while males have two types of sperm carrying X and Y chromosomes
Sometimes there is a failure of sperm formation. For example, the incidence of XO or just carry sperm X, while Y is not formed. Finally, what happens is that girls are not perfect. There are also chromosomal disorder in which excess or less. This disorder can affect the pattern of sexual performance. For example, if a place is XYY, may be emerging is a very aggressive child. In America, research is usually carried out to the bandits. "It turned out that his Y chromosome is found excessive, so they become very aggressive and cause social problems," said Prima continue.
Factors that strongly influence the sex of the baby is a genetic factor. For example, in America, found a family who have a tendency to always give birth to a baby boy. Over the past 200 years, descendants of the family were all male. "It depends on the strength or the number of sperm cells that exist. But in general, the probability of the baby's sex is 50-50. "
Depth of penetration so, in fact, can not really, couples choose the sex of the baby as they wish? Many opinions or myths that suggest certain tricks in order to obtain the baby's sex as expected, from the starting position sex, food, and so forth.
The method is now widely used method is found to Dr. Landrum Shettles. Author of How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby is analyzed that the pH of the vagina plays a role in the fertilization process. The more alkaline pH (alkaline) tend to produce a baby male sex, while a more acidic pH (acidity) otherwise. From this base, then researched and sought to obtain the vaginal pH diiinginkan atmosphere.
One is a sex position. Order to create the atmosphere of the alkaline pH of the vagina, sex position recommended is penetrating deeper and deeper into the cervix. "This could lead to alkaline conditions, while the penetration is more to the outside, tend to create acidic conditions, which means more chances of getting a big girl," said Prima.
While the very least to control the penetration, the recommended position is the missionary position to create acidic pH, and rear-entry position to create an alkaline pH.
So is the food, choose the type that can cause acidic or alkaline. For example, to create an atmosphere of acid, the consumption of recommended foods are foods that contain elements of salt, or foods high in calcium and magnesium, such as dairy products (cheese, yogurt) and its derivatives. Then, avoid foods that contain meat, because of the high sodium and potassium. Conversely, to obtain a baby boy, choose foods that are high in sodium and potassium. This will help the atmosphere becomes more alkaline vaginal fluid.
Right timing
In addition to the position of sex and food, which is often used way is to wash the vagina before intercourse. For example, to obtain an acidic pH of the vagina, the vagina is washed with vinegar, while for alkaline conditions, can be washed with baking soda (baking soda). This technique has a success rate that is not too high, about 50-70 percent.
Another technique is the technique of ovulation time (timing of ovulation), which was also introduced by Dr. Shettles. "The basis of this technique is to look at the level of sperm movement. Y sperm are smaller, because less genetic material, but short age. While the X sperm more fat, larger and slower movements, but its age is more durable, "explains Prima.
On the basis of anatomical shape of sperm, the Shettles see the time factor can influence the sexual gender of the baby. The closer the time of sexual intercourse to ovulation, the expected faster Y sperm move into the egg, so the possibility of producing a male child is greater. Shettles recommends intercourse performed 1-2 days before ovulation.
"If you want a girl, intercourse should be done long before ovulation, could be 3-5 days before ovulation, then do not touch anymore," he continued. Hopefully, X sperm is sluggish, while the Y sperm are still resistant to the egg. Shettles claims, this technique has the possibility of successful 70-80 percent.
Think about the select Sperm
In addition to the Shettles method arguably low technology, people start looking for a way to choose the sex of a more scientific and more certain. One of them by selecting sperm. X and Y in the road with the fluid filtered albumin (albumin method). This method was invented by Dr. Ronald Ericsson, PhD and is now used for inseminations.
In principle, the sperm-washing, rotated (centrifuged), and then inserted into the albumin media. Well, good swimming ability of sperm retrieved. This method of sperm sorting out just fine, but do not select the type of sperm, so the probability is only 78 percent-85 percent for boys, and 73 percent-75 percent for girls.
More sophisticated method is the micro-sorting (MicroSort). The principle of this method is marked chromosomes with a dye fluorescence or FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization). Sperm are marked with fluorescence dye, so that emits a particular color, through a tool called a flow citometry. For example, the Y sperm green, red X sperm. After that would be obtained X or Y sort sort.
The success of this method is claimed to increase to 85 percent, although there is still sperm that pass too. "This method has also been conducted in the United States, although it still appears the pros and cons of security surrounding the dye," said Prima.
DO NOT rush to divorce your spouse because they could not give birth to a child with a particular gender. According to dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, the more male sex determination to be born of a mother. "She was neutral in determining the sex of the baby," he added.
When you want to plan to have children of certain sex, there are a number of ways that suggested scientific dr. Boyke.
To get a baby boy:
A. Father should undergo a diet or eating tiger meat
2. Mothers should eat lots of vegetables and fruits
3. The vagina was washed with warm water mixed with baking soda 15 minutes before intercourse. The goal is to keep the vaginal area is alkaline.
4. Encouraged to do sex during the fertile period after ovulation or the day-to-15 or-16.
To get a girl:
A. Fathers should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
2. Mothers should eat lots of meat.
3. The vagina was washed with warm water mixed with vinegar kitchen 15 minutes before intercourse. The goal is to keep the vagina acidic.
4. Sexual intercourse is recommended to be done prior to ovulation or day-to-12 or-13.
For some reason, he wanted a male child first. How do I? Are there any special techniques, including in intimate relationships, in order to get a boy?
"I am a young 26 year old, TB / BB: 165 cm/69kg, plans two more years of marriage. My question:
* How do I get a greater likelihood of boys?
* What is the timing associated with the candidate's wife (ie in the morning or afternoon) that determine the sex of the future?
* Does the menstrual cycle to determine my future wife to get the child the more dominant male or female?
* How do I calculate to get the boy? "
R., Jakarta
Due Culture
For many people in our country, the desire to have the boys are still very strong. Of course this is closely related to social and cultural conditions and traditions of a society that is gender bias, by putting more men than women in all respects.
In some other developing countries and underdeveloped countries, such desires are also very strong. In contrast, in developed countries, the desire to have children with certain sex, especially men, no more. To them, men and women do the same thing, not just a slogan.
Perhaps because of the desire to have children with a particular gender is not important to them in developed countries, does not seem to find new ways of development in this regard.
Separation of Spermatozoa
Until now there still is way way long enough to get, which separates spermatozoa by means of a special media. With this separation, it was found that spermatozoa contain X or Y chromosome, depending on what media is used.
The results of separation then diinseminasikan into the womb to produce a pregnancy with a particular gender. Although results are not guaranteed one hundred percent, this gives hope to those who want to conceive a specific gender.
If you want a child with male gender, advanced quite a ways above can be done. However, if you are reluctant to use a sophisticated manner, it may use a simple manner. Of course with a higher failure rate than more sophisticated ways.
When Fertile
A simple way is based on biological differences between sperm cells that contain the X chromosome containing the Y chromosome Difference between the two sperm cells as follows.
First, the size of the larger X sperm cells, so the motion is slower, while Y sperm move faster because the smaller size. Second, X sperm cells are more resistant to acidic substances, Y spermatozoa are more resistant to an alkaline substance.
Based on biological difference is then carried out a simple attempt to separate the two types of spermatozoa in the planning of the baby's sex.
First, by setting the time of sexual intercourse. Sexual relations just as fertile allow Y spermatozoa reach the egg first, so it is expected to produce a baby boy. If carried out about two days before or after the fertile time, is expected to produce a baby girl.
Second, by using substances that are acidic or alkaline. If you want a baby boy, do rinse the vagina with an alkaline material before sexual intercourse. Conversely, when a woman wants a baby, do the rinsing with acidic substances before sexual intercourse.
Third, by regulating sexual relations techniques that orgasm can be arranged. If you want a baby boy, the wife must reach orgasm first so that the atmosphere inside the vagina becomes alkaline. Conversely, if a girl wants, a wife should reach orgasm and then to keep the atmosphere inside the vagina acidic.
Of course the simple way is not guaranteed to provide definitive results. In fact, failure is quite high due to many people is not always easy to determine when the fertile time is right, and how to organize in order to achieve orgasm first or later. @
Consultancy Prof answered. DR. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila Sp.And

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