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Friday, March 23, 2012

have sex with each other simultaneously

Perhaps the idea of ​​watching someone else make you hot, or maybe you're more of a 'middle of the action' type of person. No matter what your preference might be, you are not alone in thinking about the erotic aspects of multi-partner sex (Group Sex and Threesome) - including (potential) of their relationship with lifestyle choices such as Swinging and Poylamory.
Many characteristics of the Multi-partner sex (MPS) is very attractive to men and women. But because of this sexual activity challenging the norms of socially acceptable many, not for everyone. However, if you are pleased to expand the boundaries of your sex, here is 'what you need to know the introduction of' the collective sexual nirvana ...
MPS ties loosely described as non-monogamous sexual activity or lifestyle, in which the partners involved to do it with full knowledge and consent of each other. Thus, sexual activity with another person within the limits agreed upon is not seen as 'cheating'. This may involve more than two people have sex with each other simultaneously, or maybe just giving permission to one and / or the other to have sex with each other separately.
Such a relationship has been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world. However, many people and religions still think they were banned. However, the sexual mode fluctuates from time to time (such as anal sex and oral sex were previously considered - and illegal in some places) and consequently threesomes and group sex are not as common as it once shunned. In fact, they are regularly portrayed in adult films and is often referred to in erotic literature. In addition, the opportunity to find like-minded to take part can be found in settings such as swinger clubs, conventions, colleges and the online forum.
MPS is the act of sexual activity with more than one spouse at the same time. This term refers to threesomes (three participants) and Gender Group (four or more participants).
There is no single way to get involved in MPS, and get physical with everyone in the group is not a requirement. Even the number of partners may be as simple as it would in the same room, or a full-scale sexual encounter in which everyone does everything with everyone. Partners may also be of any gender or orientation.
Start a topic with your partner
If you or your partner is prone to jealousy, or your relationship is going through hard times, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER IT! You do not want to learn the hard way, to end the marriage or relationship is beautiful - and has dabbled in the MPS is simply not worth it. So, consider keeping your MPS fantasy just between you two!
In other words, while having sex with your partner, you can start a conversation about sex MPS. Opportunity to hear the answer you want to hear much more likely to happen if you ask him when he's hot! There is no right or wrong way to suggest MPS. It really depends on the people involved and the relationships you have. If and when you propose to your partner, make it very clear that your desire to not in any way, shape, size or shape of the result of your partner is not sufficient! So, at this time be careful and make sure that you emphasize that it's just a sexual fantasy, and that it would not be the same without him.
Be honest and ask your partner to participate in the discussion of sex as well, and asked him to fabricate a story for you, too, the story consists of you both with one (or more) third. That way you always include your spouse in your fantasies, with no effects that can occur from actually doing it. Your spouse may even surprise you and end up being more active than you can imagine. He may even have some of your own fantasies to share with you, through sex talk. Suggest MPS when you've had sex.
In any case, talk about MPS as the first fantasy, will give some indication as to whether it might be something that can progress to the actual event! In other words, it is a great lead-in without doing yourself - and a safer environment in which to explore the possibilities. If the hypothetical prospect of well-received, then the conversation can develop into options to make it a reality. For couples who have a very strong (and be absolutely sure that the MPS will not endanger the pursuit of their relationship), or those who have a more relaxed (ie, they do not always fall in love) - you can start a conversation with a couple more You show to explore further. First of all, honesty about your desires is the best policy, but keep in mind that this is a very complex topic and should be treated as such - with great wisdom, wise, and many assurances that this is a way to expand your sexual boundaries (not something is missing to what is already there).
You must first use common sense. We do not know your partner, but you! Is he the type who might participate in that way? Is she very sexual person? Is he the person who has been known to experiment sexually? Did he ever talked about fantasies with you? Did he ever claim to be bi-curious? All these questions are helpful in determining whether your partner may be interested in participating in the MPS.
Fortunately, most women are well aware that the majority of men would give their right hand to be with two women at the same time? But, man, on the other hand, tend to find it difficult to understand why a woman would like MPS to include other men. Women, you must always remember, because men can be so much safer than they recognize them. So, if you suggest to your guy, you might want to tell him that you are just a very sexual woman (who themselves will turn on) and that you have a lot of sexual fantasies (which will raise him up even more), but you do not have the desire to meet one of them without him. Which will enhance his ego, which will hopefully help him see your suggestion MPS from the perspective of a non-threatening.
Choosing the third / fourth party
There are pros and cons in choosing a friend or a stranger to join you. On the one hand, you may feel more comfortable with people you know - but on the other hand, you take a chance that may damage the friendship if complications or jealousy arise. Even if the experiment proved successful, it may still make everyone involved feel uncomfortable in the future if it's with good friends. (Note: Do you invite your friends or strangers to join you, still take the 'safety' is the same precautions). An acquaintance, however, is a different story ... the stakes not so high here if things do not go to plan.
As far as having MPS more than once with the same person in question, the wisdom to do it again very dependent on the successful outcome of the first attempts. If the couple is secure enough, and if the third party is not to threaten the relationship, then there's really no reason not to consider it. However, this is a topic that can not be generalized, because every situation is different. Some time to work out some big business, while others do not - even if the first time is great. So, you really have to see where the first experience takes you, and all parties must clearly want the same thing.
Where to find the MPS?
Swingers clubs and organizations are a great source to find other people who are looking to experiment and fulfill the fantasy. To find a club swing, simply go to a search engine and type in 'swing club' words, once you cut out some of the swing-dance site, you'll see many sites that actually refer to sex clubs. Depending on where you live, you might just find many of them in your own backyard. The event is now often managed and hosted online, and once you find your way into your lifestyle will have a problem finding a potential partner - they are in abundance everywhere!
Actually there is no need to fear that attending a club will expose you to the expectations of other members that it is 'open-season' on you or your partner's body. You are free to engage in the act as much, or little, because you and your partner are comfortable with. All the leading clubs have a very strict policy that permission is required from all participants - and that polite 'no thanks' is all that is required if you are approachable and not 'for it'.
Another option is the Personals on the Internet, they also are a great way to find like-minded others. The Personal Internet is not only designed for couples looking for others, they are usually broken down into categories, so you can find what you're specifically looking for. You can also exchange a variety of images online, and you can chat via email, webcam or phone until you feel comfortable enough to physically meet. We do NOT recommend going to a regular bar or nightclub to try to take people who you think may be a candidate. That's a very good way to very possibly embarrass yourself - not to mention, getting slapped!
What is a good place to MPS?
This is probably the easiest question to answer, and it is ... wherever is most comfortable for all parties involved. It is common for couples to entertain in their homes. It is also possible to meet in a hotel. Of course, swing the club can be a very exciting place to more'some threesome, foursome or '!
Etiquette and boundaries
There are a number of factors that are strongly encouraged to consider and discuss with other participants (especially with a partner that is), before you play. Some important considerations include how much you want to go, with whom, for how long, and not to the celebration to continue if one or more participants to deny or come too soon.
When contemplating the logistics of MPS, to deliberate on the main question is the following, "What sexual activity that I would feel comfortable performing?" There should be at least a basic agreement on what sexual acts are in and out of bounds. In addition, it was agreed 'safe word' or signal should be discussed, where the main partners let each other know if and when they want to stop / stop NOW! If you have a little experience playing with members of the group, it will probably be a good idea to set the boundaries of the more conservative? You will have time to learn about your own needs and build confidence around them.
This is a good idea to engage in discussion, drunk openly about the limits with some or all of the participants before engaging in the activities - especially anyone involved in a relationship! If you are going to discuss what you might like to do while engaged in a social lubricant, and then save the actual MPS for another opportunity to let the effect of the conversation was completely absorbed in a drunken rage.
It's easy to experience remorse or shame after a night of fun, although it may have been consensual at the time. If there are drugs and alcohol are involved, these results are significantly improved. That is why it is important to establish a clear agreement among those involved in sexual activities before the change of mind substance is introduced. If it feels awkward to bring it when you're drunk, consider how difficult it is potentially a subsequent communication.
In order to feel comfortable with the activity, you need drugs or alcohol? A 'lubrication' less acceptable to lower barriers, but it should not have to lose control of one's senses to engage.
Imagine how you might feel to see the ACTUAL partners engage in sexual relations with others. May seem a great fantasy, but reality can you handle the significant pleasure of physical enjoyment, or receive from you the other, some other people? How do you feel after that after all the excitement of the moment has passed? Are you ready for the possibility that your relationship with the participants to change after you have sex? If a friend of the couple, or couples who both are involved, can you deal with the possibility of permanent change - or even harm your bond? MPS can be an add-on to existing relationships, and may create a greater bond in which an already strong relationship and mutual trust are great - but it could spell disaster where the relationship is already in trouble.
In addition to good manners, there are some 'must-do' meeting that will foster a safe, enjoyable sex. Environment should be non-coercive and non-judgmental, making all participants feel safe enough to play and explore freely. There should also be no expectation about the outcome of each play date, so if at any point someone wanted to withdraw, their decision is respected. One last thing about an active participant - they should not be made to feel left out of any action.
Another consideration is the ratio of men to women. If there is only one woman among a group of male players, the imbalance of power can occur, or obligations put pressure on him to participate in activities that she may have in place an order. Even if he seems to enjoy himself, drugs and alcohol can damage the judgment, be conservative in your interpretation of the comfort level of each participant.
Do you trust the people in your group to follow the agreed rules of conduct? What if they do not? Do you feel confident in your ability to enforce your limitations?
Do you believe your group members agreed to maintain the same level of privacy?
Will you be able to live with your decision? Some people from the belief that if they do not like, they can forget about it and never do it again, while others can not and will not be able to handle it with ease.
Are you ready for your relationship with the participants to change after you have sex? If a friend of the couple, or couples who both are involved, you deal with the possibility of permanent harm your bond?
Pro multi-partner sex
There are many reasons to enjoy a safe, non-committal sex with like-minded individuals, or invite one (or many) into a sexual relationship exists. Consider the following:
This can be a great fuel for a stable sexual relationship. Not only experimenting with the boundaries of the relationship, it can actually increase the trust and intimacy.
You learn new skills and sexual positions. This increases your sexual confidence and enhance your sexual experience, after a meeting like that, you must have a new strut!
A highly erotic experience, the subject of sexual energy that to be a part of it could be one of the most thrilling experiences in one's life. It makes for wonderful memories and stories that impressive (if you are allowed to share them, that is)!
This fantasy of many a person have sex, among others. When it comes to couples, some could be aroused by the anticipation and the acting out of sexual activity together, while others enjoy the 'show' to the other.
You deal with what your sexual preference 'may' to be free to experiment across the spectrum are 'vague' of sexual orientation. If you ever feel inclined to experiment with same-sex lover, but never had the courage to try, MPS is an excellent forum for testing.
There is safety in numbers - the sexual activity that goes beyond your limits can be handled by changing your role within the group, or to divert your attention to another lover.
Cons of multi-partner sex
On the other hand, there are a number of obstacles that must be considered that require careful consideration:
An evening full of the love can test even the most stable relationships. Is it planned or spontaneous order of events, after-effects can include mixed feelings of regret as well as: clumsiness, not interested, embarrassed, and ashamed. Worse, it also can increase some of the worst flaws in people, such as possessiveness, jealousy guilt, and insecurity.
Due to intense physical intimacy, a person may develop feelings for other players or feel too eager to 'play' again. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, the downside is that the feeling may not be mutual or reciprocal. In addition, any potential new attachment can eventually damage the primary relationship.
Although the 'purest' of intentions, had sex with someone other than your monogamous lover (even if they were there!) To open the door to fraud, especially if you enjoy the experience and really want to do it again, while others do not.
Consideration of safe sex
Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections (STDs / STIs) and unintended pregnancy ensures a very high concern, because a much higher risk of a more sexual partners' own. See Safe Sex & Multi-partner for their prevention - do not take unnecessary risks!
Participants also can keep the voyeuristic activities and limit the interaction to something akin to a gentle swaying, in which two or more partners share the same space but there is little (if any) actually touching of another partner other than your own spouse. Sensual kissing, fondling sexy, genital touching, masturbation solo & together, and the use of sex toys is any low-risk activities to take part in. However, if you really believe with you, setting the MPS is an ideal environment to take part in the Sex games, fetish activities, role-play, erotic photography and maybe even various aspects of BDSM!
We hope this introduction useful in making decisions whether to (possibly) participate in activities that are very erotic, but also as a handbook for a safe and enjoyable experience. Ultimately though, your feelings will be your best guide. If you are looking for more specific information about the MPS, see all our articles on threesomes, Group Sex, Swinging and Polyamory - plus other online resources such as our active

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