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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Control Screaming Conveniences

T. My husband really enjoys oral sex that I gave, I am too. Is this normal? And every time we touch, I was too excited to cry out loud, to my shame. How do I control it?

J. Oral sex is another form of touch and visual rapport where

couples to express their sexual desires and fantasies. In this case, the important thing is the satisfaction of both parties. Should not impose sexual activity on the couple. If both parties like it, no problem. While you scream about, do not be ashamed because this is a sexual expression. Maybe you could try having sex with a radio set, so the screams would be disguised. Or maybe go on vacation to other places as well so you do not hear cries of others. Keep in mind, that sighs and screams can influence both the libido and sexual satisfaction of your partner.

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