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Sunday, March 25, 2012

how to orgasm can be simultaneously

Orgasm issue is still a mystery to most women. According to Women's Health magazine, only 25 percent of women who always reach orgasm during sex. Compare the percentage of men who reach 90 percent (the climax). Women are often left with an unsatisfied because her partner hurried to reach climax.
In fact, the female orgasm has an evolutionary purpose to improve fertility by increasing sperm retention. In order to increase the fertility of the female orgasm, women have to grab it once in one minute before and 45 minutes after the man ejaculates. In fact, there are couples who rarely reach orgasm simultaneously, or a woman come to a climax after the partner's orgasm.
A new study that looked at the timing and frequency of female orgasm find that the average woman reaches orgasm before men, and often is not achieved only through intercourse, but also other sexual activity. The data are as follows:
- 42 percent of women experience orgasm ejaculate intercourse before his partner
- 28 percent of women experience an orgasm during ejaculation time (concurrent)
- 33 percent of women experience orgasm after ejaculating
- 54.5 percent of women experience orgasm non-intercourse
- 72 percent of women experience orgasm during masturbation
Interestingly, researchers found that women's orgasm frequency increases when the partner is very attractive, or masculine. The study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests, the more handsome the man, the greater tendency of women to experience orgasm. In addition, the greater the chances of having an orgasm simultaneously, or shortly after her partner ejaculates.
Even so, looking for handsome men are not the only way a woman can do to get a satisfying climax. Moreover, a person looks or sexiness is relative. Ian Kerner, sex therapist and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, said that increased opportunities for women to orgasm when he received clitoral stimulation constant. Women will be easier to get this stimulation, according to Kerner, if the position is above the (woman on top) or in the same position when he was masturbating.
Kerner also recommends that women stop being a "spectator", or too concerned about the appearance or sexual performance. In short, Just relax, and enjoy your sex session entirely.
Sources: Your Tango

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