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Friday, March 23, 2012

how to overcome premature ejaculation in men

Premature ejaculation is one of the more common sexual dysfunction a man can have. The good news is that it is a dilemma that can be addressed. Symptoms of dysfunction are ejaculation before their partner satisfied on a regular basis. This is a very subjective dysfunction, some define it to ejaculate almost immediately, and others define it under 5-10 minutes. Definition of the rule-of-thumb generally is if you continue to ejaculate before you want, that you want to be able to last longer.
The most common time to experience this problem during the first sexual encounter only. As the man to beat anxiety, and gain a better understanding of body function, the problem usually resolves. Though most men learn to control their orgasms, some develop long-term anxiety with sexual activity and show symptoms for months or years. The best way to beat the dysfunction is to have an understanding partner that you can relax with.
Conquering Premature Ejaculation
These techniques can be done with a partner or alone. Although the two will help, feel comfortable with your partner is important to fix the problem.
Start & Stop Techniques
The main principle of this technique is to stimulate the penis until ejaculation close, and then stop stimulating to allow a degree of pleasure decreases. This exercise can be done alone, or with a partner, and should be repeated 3 to 5 times per session. After 2-6 weeks of using this technique you will see improvement in your sexual stamina and ultimately will not even have to use it to outlast your partner.
Squeeze Technique
Just before you're about to ejaculate, about three or four strokes away, stop stimulating and pressing the base of your penis by wrapping the thumb and index finger around it. Apply firm pressure, focusing on the urethra, the tube running along the bottom of the penis. This reduces tension and hold the ejaculatory response. Be sure to apply pressure a few strokes before ejaculation, if you wait too long, it may be too late! You should be able to apply this technique anywhere along the shaft of the penis, as long as it squeezes the urethra.
Regular Masturbation
A good method to increase sexual stamina and releasing sexual tension that regular masturbation. With more frequent masturbation, you can train yourself to become more frequently used for stimulation. Anda mendapatkan banyak Ketika lebih digunakan and lebih for itu, harus mulai membawa Anda semakin lama for klimaks.
Wearing Condoms
Many couples who claim that wearing condoms significantly reduce the sexual stimulation for both partners, but especially men. If you are not using a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, try wearing them to increase your stamina.
Sex Toys
Having the same line of logic as the "regular Masturbation" above, you can use sex toys to help you become more "immune" to the fun. Vibrator sex simulator is more commonly recommended, but they should work. Check the following link to learn more about sex toys and sex toy reviews.
Other Suggestions
For most couples, it takes about two to six weeks to further improve the situation. After a large number of gains have been made, and the above program is completed, continue to concentrate on controlling orgasm. With time, the problem should disappear from existence.
You can develop a scale systems and practices to a certain level and then plateau. Create a numbering system similar to the one below, and make sure you communicate clearly.
Zero = a limp penis
Five = an erect penis with minimal sexual thoughts
Ten = ears bitten
Fifteen = reading sexy stories together
Twenty = breast stimulation
Forty slow penal stimulation =
Stimulation Fifty = slow oral penis
Eighty = medium paced penal-vaginal intercourse
Ninety-nine = point without
Hundred = orgasm

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