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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

how to repel boredom and routine office

'm Lazy to work, saturated with work, or the motivation starts to fade? It is indeed fair when you've experienced late in the routine. Do not let your spirits down because of attacks of this boredom. Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, Silpada Designs jewelry company's founder, offers five tips to stay motivated when the work began to seem boring.
A. Take on new projects. Exchange ideas on how to save money, to be volunteered to lead the project, could be another way to lift your spirits. Why? Because this kind of action will give a feeling of control or control of working life. While developing skills will keep you excited and motivated.
2. Say "no" to negative things. You can just take a break from the routine work of the coffee-coffee in the pantry. But do not use this moment to talk about employee downsizing or salary that is not going to go up next year. This will only add to the uncertainty of your fate, according to Kelly and Walsh. Keep all your complaints until you get home, and curhatlah the husband or friends. While in office, please talk about things that are fun only.
3. Create your short term goals. For example, come early and come home throat at least twice a week. Or, schedule a small meeting with your team once a week to evaluate the work. "Making the goal will provide power for you and the desire to achieve something, which will help you stay motivated even though things were getting boring," said Kelly.
4. Invest yourself. How, by attending networking events or take a course skills you've dreamed for a long time, suggestions, Kelly and Walsh. This activity may not directly give you a new job or promotion promotion. But expanding the business network and learn the new skills will keep you inspired. It also will help you find a new job when circumstances force you to resign or be dismissed.
5. Looking for fun outside the office. Each person needs to balance itself. "You need to enjoy life, especially when you feel stressed," said Walsh. Find an activity that is not related to work and make you excited. For example, experiment with your camera, or mastering certain positions in yoga. Let the stress or boredom while working away by itself.

Banish Boredom As a result of routine
Routines whose names are easy bother. There are very like and need routines, some did not like. Doing the same thing over and over it could cause someone to be bored. So that it does not happen to you and causes decreased productivity, do the following:
Bring your own bottle of drink
Most of us are not drinking enough water throughout the day. Hydrate the body is essential for the body to function efficiently, the skin a brighter glow, and revitalizes the mind. In order for your fluid intake in a day is not lost, take a drink 750 ml size and content of the water so you are always hydrated throughout the day.
Up early
Rather than start the day with a rush and broke the mood throughout the day, try to sleep early and get up earlier. In the morning the younger, you can do a lot more quickly, eg, clean rooms. Then, the rest of the time you can do to pamper yourself with a cup of coffee or breakfast is more feasible. In the evening, you will find a more comfortable room. A fun gift for yourself.
Choose clothes for tomorrow morning
At night, before bed, try to prepare the clothes that you want to wear the next morning. This gives you two advantages: the morning is not too stressful (due to confusion of what would today wear clothes or have to rush to iron), and the more you can think of a more unified frontier force.
New fragrance
Different spraying perfume (which you like), will make you more excited, confident, and sexy through the day. Without realizing it, women use scent as an attractive gauges / absence of a person as a partner. Changing the scent perfuming the body to find the right with you will help you attract the attention of a different kind of guy. Only, remember, do not let the new scent was too tight and make dizzy. So, look for the fragrance is light and clean so that you still smell the aroma of the original.
Lunch out
Terbombardir by email, twit, and messages relating to the work will ultimately affect the brain, making you tired, difficulty in learning the skills and consolidate with the new information. To re-set your mind, walk away from your desk at lunchtime. If possible, turn off the phone, and looking for a nuanced dining experience to help you feel calmer. Undoubtedly, when you return to work, you'll feel more energized.
Prepare plan a weekend in mid-week
Routine when you really can not be tolerated, mid-week could be very disappointing. Give a passion for anticipated for yourself by planning a fun weekend. On Wednesday, prepare yourself for the research activities you can do on a Saturday-Sunday. This way, when the weekend comes, you are guaranteed to do the fun rather than lying down and bored to death at home doing other boring routines.
Turn off electronic devices an hour before bed
As we know, electrical appliances, like televisions, mobile phones, and others can be very attention. When you entertain yourself with the electronic device before bed, you can turn off the signals the body to begin to relax. Quality sleep is essential to think more clearly and high energy, and a good sex life. So, turn off your electronic devices an hour before bedtime, and switch to reading the book.
Reduce portions, but persering
Changing the way food can be very influential on the body and mind. Reduce your portions at lunch and dinner, but interspersed with low-calorie foods. Your metabolism will keep running, and high all day, meaning you will burn more calories in a day. You will also feel more energized, and insulin levels were more stable.
Exercise in the morning
Exercising in the morning will push the system to work harder. Encouraging your endorphin level, so you will be excited all day. You'll also burn more fat at this time, consequently, a better body shape in the long term. With more endorphins, you too will be easier to deal with the stress of whack.
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