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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

korean kpop band the secret of success

A. There are 3 manajamen / big agencies in Korea, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment.
2. In Korea the artist is not easy. There are two most important things that determine whether or not a person worthy of the artist, SKILL and APPEARANCE. But of course remains the number one skill because of their appearance can be changed at any time.
3. The 'aspiring artists' usually trained (in training) sing, dance, vocal, acting, also a fellow member cohesiveness and rehearsed it was not a month or two but over the years,
some even up to 5 years, before finally surfacing as a singer. Of course before becoming a trainee (aspiring artists) they must pass through three stages of the audition.
4. Age 'aspiring artists' who sought usually between 12-17 years old with a long time trainees, but in accordance with the results anyway.
5. For the trainer covered all the needs of management, but if the trainer is already debut (diorbitkan an artist) is usually the result is less fair distribution system, more to the management, pay the cost calculation for the artist at the trainee.
6. Korean singer who is still young (like kpop group so) called IDOL there
7. Korean Idol PROHIBITED courtship by their management as it will greatly harm their careers. If they are over the age of 30 years, a new dating allowed, and even then for a particular management.
8. The groups called the rookie debut of the new group and are usually too in gubris ga Korean people there
9. Rookie usual group debut in the popular music event in Korea, MNet Countdown, Inkigayo, Music Bank and Music Core
10. If a group / artist to win three awards from the popular music event, they called the Triple Crown
11. Artists must follow the schedule that has been made of management for 24 hours per 7 days. Therefore they have to stay in dorm / dorms.
12. He said ya melayu faces difficult if not debut in Korea because the Koreans do not like malay face.
13. Being a singer is the hope of nearly 80% of parents in Korea, because of its success must be extraordinary.
14. Korean fans were very loyal. They are willing to spend money to buy CDs, posters, and other barang2 related to their idol
15. CD / Calendar / KPOP and other merchandise which is the item most in demand in Korea. Products such as cosmetics, clothes, etc. is the umpteenth number for them.
16. Most Korean fans have only one fandom / fanbase / fansclub, nothing more. 2-3 at most, they are consistent. If from the beginning like a group, to any time not going to change, but still there are exceptions. Suppose their initial fandom ELF (Super Junior fans), at any time until they ELF .. If you like Shinee for example, they will not call themselves Shawol. Best if they just simply like to mention them Shinee's fans or SNSD's fans instead of fandom! their fandom only 1
17. due to their consistency, there walopun artists before them, they will not care if it's not a bias / their idols. So is the K-Drama, he said they just want to watch a game if it's one of their favorite kpop groups. So do not be surprised if you see Korean people then were "known as the artist is not?" then he replied ga know when famous artists.
18. KPOP album sales also jumped when more definite comeback. Usually one of his fans can buy more than 5 CD KPOP same. The reason? because sales of the album kpop kpop who rank their favorite idol in the chart as dosirak, Soribada, etc.. According to the Korean Fans are not real fans if not behind Stand album buy their favorite idol korean chart is important because it goes really!
19. Dikorea, ga just a young man who likes k-pop, do not be surprised if another fanmeeting tiba2 see ahjumma / follow-up of mothers queue.
20. Org korea deeply in love with their culture, and artis2nya in promoting the opportunities which are required to fit anything about Korea, ranging from food, sights, etc.. So do not be surprised if the Korean people already tough for sure we finished the meal come laper!
21. If the SM Entertainment auditions require Skill and Physical. While at JYP Entertainment other than these 2, the value rapot also dictates. JYP audition on time like they must show their rapot, and should be ranked. For example, already passed in the JYP audition, but some time later rapotnya values ​​fall dramatically, it will be a warning after warning and can rapot values ​​remain low, so get ready excluded from JYP.
22. Dikorea there are a variety of tv shows are creative, well there were artists there asked to show his skill. If such artist is making a tv show ratings go up, then do not be surprised if other events diacara TSB artist will often arise. (Korean tv examples: We Got Married, Strong Heart, Running Man, Invisible Youth, Star Golden Bell, etc.)
23. Competition of the idol in korea's really strong, so they often let oplas here and there is no less a rival. Not infrequently there are artists who committed suicide for not being able to compete with other artists.
24. SM, JYP, and YG including influential companies in Korea, because the artist under their management is usually always successful, and the surge in the number of shares they are also slightly affect Korean economy.
25. There are several management requires that the artist who lived in the dorm because of their tight schedule, if the original from outside the area, they must be willing to move to seoul
26. Korean fans prefer to reward artists star to star because they think it's timeless and will always be remembered.
27. Korean fans do not care idolnya oplas or not, he argues that now is not important how idolnya once!
28. YG Entertainment does not care about one's appearance, the most important skill is not just good but must be outside the Regular and hardworking person. (Example: CL and Minzy)
29. Comparison of debut artists and artists who are failing at the same time is 1:10. That is if today there is one artist who's debut, at the same time means there are 10 artists who fail or are removed from the management.
30. Korean fans do not hesitate to donate their money in large quantities for their fandom, so there kaya2 fandom.
31. Korean fans are fans who are very possessive. They do not like their idols clay deket / even going out with other artists. If that happens then the popularity of the artist and his girlfriend (who is also the artist) will drop dramatically. In addition they will not remain silent, korean fans will usually attack any artist who dared deketin their idols, they often also physical play. Therefore, for the Korean artist's NOT dating!

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