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Monday, March 26, 2012

loss of sexual desire of men

Surveys show that sex is the main thing in life man. However, this does not mean the Adam could not resist, you know. Apparently, there are certain conditions that make him any less desire for sex with a partner. "What is clear, the reason they refused to love it not because he considers her partner is not interesting. However, it is solely because he was not interested in doing so," said David McKenzie, a sex therapist from Vancouver. Well, please peep several causes:
A. Depression
"Clinical depression is one of the male desire for sex killer," said McKenzie. It can affect men of any age. "Remember, clinical depression is a physical disease, so it is not a personality issue," said McKenzie again. There are many experts who can help your partner to overcome this disorder. In addition, as your partner also needs to accompany it with patience.
2. Experiencing andropause
When women experience menopause, men also may experience andropause. "This condition is experienced as a man past the age of 40 years, marked by testosterone level begins to decline," said McKenzie. "Actually, this condition is not as bad as that experienced by women with estrogen levels. However, if left unchecked, he will lose his sexual urge. Typically, this is accompanied by energy loss and other symptoms associated with depression," added McKenzie again .
To overcome this problem, you should invite your spouse to the doctor to check testosterone levels.
3. Problems with erection and ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is actually a common problem, says McKenzie. This can be overcome by a doctor. Only, some men who experience this often lose self-confidence and wave of fear that their partners be disappointed or think their partner is no longer sejantan first. Therefore, McKenzie advised the wife to ask her husband to discuss, without the need to discredit him. "Affirm your spouse that you love what it is. This will greatly help raise self-esteem back," McKenzie advice.
4. Stress on the job
Have many problems in the office can also turn off the mood of the men, especially if they include people who connect their professional success with self-esteem. For that, you should ask her husband to discuss about this. Give full support to him through the tough times, so not to cause adverse effect on your relationship.
5. Fatigue
Men are also human, so he could sometimes feel so tired and chose to sleep instead of making out with you in bed. This is true regardless of how they feel about their partner. In essence, he was really tired and needed rest. "However, if this happens a lot and take up more than six weeks, you should begin to ask her to consult with a healthcare provider," advises McKenzie.
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