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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The main base of women and has 40 features

she was really outside can be good as a life partner who will continue our descent also highly respected by rasullulah saw.

A. Women who Solehah (good) it's better than 70 men are pious.
2. Any person who is encouraging her daughter, who is like sentiasa degree tears kerana fear Allah SWT and one who feared God S.W.T. be forbidden the Fire to the top of her.
3. Any person who brings a gift (of food items into the home market) and then given to his family, then the reward is like charity.
4. Let put the girls than men. If anyone is pleasing to the girl as if she was freed son Prophet Ismail AS "\
5. Women who lived with her children will live with me (Prophet Muhammad) in Paradise.
6. Whoever has three daughters or three sisters or two daughters or two sisters, and she acts in association with their charity and educate them with a sense of self-restraint and responsibility, then for him is Paradise.
7. Instead Aisha r.a. "Whoever is tested with a one rather than daughters, then he do good to them, then they will be a hindrance to him than the fires of hell.
8. Paradise is under mother's feet.
9. When will you call your father, the mother of two, then answer the call mom first.
10. Women who are obedient submissive to her husband would shut the gates of hell and open the doors of Paradise. Go everywhere from the door as he wanted to not judged.
11. Women who will obey her husband, all the fish in the sea, birds in the air, an angel in the sky, the sun and moon, all beristighfar for him during which he was obedient to her husband and direkannya (and keep praying and fasting).
12. Aisha r.a. said, "I asked the Prophet Muhammad, who is greater rights for women? The king replied, "Her husband." "Who has the right to a man?" Said Aisha back, answered the Prophet Muhammad "His mother."
13. Women when praying five times, fasting month of Ramadan, will maintain his honor and obey her husband, she entered the doors of Paradise where Sahaja that he wanted.
14. Every woman who helped her husband in matters of religion, then Allah SWT put him into Paradise earlier than her husband (10.000 years).
15. If someone pregnant women fetus in her womb, then the angels beristighfarlah him. God S.W.T. relist him every day to 1.000 from 1.000 goodness and eradicate evil.
16. When women began to hurt someone going into labor, then Allah SWT recorded his reward those who strive in the path of Allah SWT
17. If one woman gave birth to a child, he went out rather than the sins of the mother gave birth to such circumstances.
18. Once born (child) and then fed, then the mother's milk than any one gulp given a virtue.
19. When the night (the mother) does not sleep and keep her child is sick, then Allah SWT give him the reward as freeing 70 people with a sincere servant to defend the religion of Allah SWT
20. Solehah a woman is better than 70 saints.
21. A bad woman is worse than at 1.000 a bad man.
22. Rakat prayers of a pregnant woman is better than 80 cycles of non-pregnant women in prayer.
23. Women who give to drink milk (ASI) to his son rather than his body (his own milk) will be a reward from the milk of each point is given.
24. Women who serve with both husband who came home in a state of exhaustion to be rewarded jihad
25. The woman who saw her husband with love and a husband who sees his wife with the love of God will be viewed with great grace.
26. The woman who led her husband out and fight the way of God and then maintain the adab of the household will enter Paradise five hundred years earlier than her husband, will become chairman of 70.000 angels and fairies and she will be bathed in heaven, and wait for her husband on horseback made than yakut.
27. Women who are not getting enough sleep at night kerana keep a sick child will be forgiven all his sins to God and her heart when she hiburkan God gives the reward of 12 years of worship.
28. Women who are milking the animal with a "bismillah" will be prayed by the prayer of blessing the animals.
29. Women who knead wheat flour with a "bismillah", God will berkatkan sustenance.
30. The woman who swept the floor with the remembrance will be rewarded as meyapu floor in the House.
31. Women who are pregnant will be the reward of fasting during the day.
32. Women who are pregnant will be the reward of worship on the night.
33. Women who labor will be rewarded 70 years of prayer and fasting and
any pain in the sinews of God mengurniakan a reward of Hajj.
34. Had she died 40 days after birth, he would mistaken for martyrdom.
35. If a woman serving her husband without the treacherous will be rewarded 12 years of prayer.
36. If a woman breastfeeding her child until sufficient time (2 ½ yrs), then the angels in the heavens will khabarkan news that Paradise obligatory for him. If a woman gives her body milk to her child crying, Allah will reward a year of prayer and fasting.
37. If a woman memicit / massage without prompting the husband to be rewarded 7 tola gold and if the woman's husband memicit when told to be rewarded 7 tola silver.
38. Women who died with her husband keredhaan will enter Paradise.
39. If your husband teach his wife a problem to be rewarded 80 years of worship.
40. All people will be called to see the face of God in the hereafter, but God will come alone to women who are wearing purdah weigh his private parts in the world with istiqamah.

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