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Monday, March 26, 2012

make-up sex to ignite your sex drive

Ever heard the expression, "You are more sexy when angry"? so with full awareness both of you and forget the anger to perform sex session? Or, would cause great fights the urge to make love, and after making love, feeling much more relieved?
This is called make-up sex. In some couples, sex drive is often obtained when the emotional condition of the couple. The existence of strained relations just adrenaline, so that intercourse was more passionate. Sex is also one of the keys to ease the tension during a debate, or used the moment to "make up" after their respective admit mistakes about what caused the fight.
Although sex is usually done when emotions are more powerful, does not mean you have to always rely on make-up sex to ignite your sex drive. Make-up sex to be deviated from the "principle" first, when it began is difficult to control and be a means or reason for making love. Therefore you need to make rules regarding the make-up sex is:
A. Solve the problem before it gets worse
In the make-up sex that occurs naturally, the debate has become a thing that triggers the sex drive. But as much as possible, to settle the problem between you and him not to drag on. Sex is not a way to escape from problems, and you definitely do not want to use sex as a kind of medicine while. If the problem is not finished, come back later and may become more severe. If the same problem re-ignite the conflict, if you will finish with make-up sex again?
2. Use make-up sex to increase intimacy
The couple sought from the make-up sex is the surge of hormones and adrenaline that flows in the body. Take advantage of this adrenalin in an attempt to let go of resentment or stress, and more importantly, increase the intimacy you and he. Deliberate attempt to avoid factors that have caused debate make-up sex session afterwards. Let the make-up sex natural run, and if that happens, make it to ease the tension after a fight.
A. Using a similar problem to ignite passion
Although made up by sex was performed using the debate, but you should not use the same problem or deliberately look for a new fight as lighter materials passionate lovemaking. If the argument is the only way to create intimacy, it is wrong if you are looking for a solution to the make-up sex. In addition, the dependence on make-up sex might make you unable to make love in a normal way again.
2. Damage the sex drive to start an argument
When doing make-up sex, do not let the thought of the debate that emerged again during lovemaking. You never know where a fight will lead, right? Do not let you accidentally trigger the dispute, but after that you and he could not control it. There, you just happened to be hostile because he accidentally bringing up past mistakes. Instead of enjoying a great orgasm, you instead create a new commotion.
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