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Monday, March 26, 2012

The man had intercourse positions Favorites

 There are many types of love styles that could be an option to overcome boredom. Each pair even everyone has their own favorite style for sex. The annual survey conducted by Esquire showed no more than five sex positions that men like in America. Woman on top position or cowgirl is a style of play in American men during sex.
A survey of 522 male respondents about his favorite sexual position is based on the popular culture in the neighborhood, as well as their own experience. About 30 percent of men claimed to really like the style of sex cowgirl. Sex positions like this is going to benefit the men, because men do not have to actively penetrate. In a position also known as the woman on top of this, the woman who must be active while men just need to lie down.
Then in second place, a favorite position is the position of the men you on top or missionary, was chosen by about 28 percent of respondents. In this position, the pair could face each other with the position of men and women is above below. This position is usually preferred by couples who want to enjoy a quality of love and romance with a touch of the skin. Opportunity to look at each other, kissing, and caressing are more open in this position.
In the third place, 26 percent of men chose the doggy style position because it is considered more challenging and varied. In the next rank, there are various other sex style but not quite got the attention and becoming a favorite among men. Among other things, woman on top position but with his back to the position of a partner or called reverse cowgirl, about five percent of men chose this position. The rest, four percent of men chose spooning position because it can make each partner feel special and comfortable. Two percent chose the standing position as the favorite. The rest, he chose a variety of other sexual position is totally different from most preferred style of sex most men in general.
Sources: The Gloss

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