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Thursday, March 29, 2012

marriage is grounded in love sincere

Eko Pratomo Suyatno, his name frequently appeared in newspapers, television, in books and financial investment. He was the one behind the progress of the Mutual Fund industry in Indonesia and also the director of Fortis Asset Management is very popular among the Capital Markets and Investment

In his position as now, we may assume that this man must be super busy with a lot of busy schedules. But in this note I will not highlight his success as an executive. Because there is the extraordinary everyday! Age was no longer quite young, 60 years old. People said it was nearing dusk and even night, but Mr. Suyatno still passionate care for his wife who was ill. They were married over 32 years already. Blessed with 4 children.
From the beginning of the ordeal isinilah hit, while his wife gave birth to four children. Suddenly his legs paralyzed and unable to move. It happened during the two years, stepped into a three-year whole body became weak and even feels no bones, lidahnyapun can no longer move.
Every day before leaving for work Mr. Suyatno always alone bathing, cleaning up, feeding and lifting her into bed. He put his wife in front of the TV so she did not feel lonely. Although she was unable to speak but was always seen smiling. Fortunately the office where Mr. Suyatno not too far from his home, so during the day can go home to feed her lunch.
In the afternoon she is scheduled to bathe, change clothes and just after sunset he accompanied his wife to watch television while telling anything which he experienced all day. Although she can only respond through his eyes, but as for Mr. Suyatno was pretty fun. In fact, sometimes interspersed with teasing his wife each goes to sleep. This routine is performed over the last 25 Pak Suyatno years. With great patience he treated his wife even while raising their hearts into 4 pieces. Now their children are grown, the youngest who lives in college.
On a day when all the children gathered in the house to visit her mother, because after their children married and lived with their families-Pak Suyatno decided he was the one taking care of their mother because she wanted only one 'so that all children can succeed'.
With that sentence carefully enough, the elder brother said:
"Sir we would love to take care of the mother, since we were kids to see the father take care of the mother is not an iota of complaint out of the father's lips ...... even the father does not let us take care of mom." As the eldest tears tears.
"It's the fourth time we allow the father to marry again, we think ibupun will allow it, when you enjoy the old father, with a sacrifice like this, we can not bear to see you, we promise to take care of the mother the best of alternately". Big Sis went on his petition.
"My children. If marriage and life in this world only to lust, maybe you'll get married again, but with a mom you know beside me it was more than enough, she has given birth to you * momentarily choked throat * I miss you guys are always present in this world with a full love that no one can be rewarded with anything. Will you ask your mother if she wanted keadaanya like this? You want a happy father, whether spiritual father left your mother can be happy with keadaanya like now, you want a father who was given God the health care of others, what about your mother is still sick. "Mr. Suyatno said something totally unexpected children
For a moment, burst into tears Pak Suyatno children, they also see small droplets falling on Mother Suyatno eyelids, eyes staring bitterly husband loved it.
Pak finally came Suyatno invited by one of the private TV station to be a resource person and they ask questions to Mr. Suyatno why can survive for 25 years caring for his wife who was not capable of anything .... that's when bursting into tears with the guests in attendance at the studio mostly the daughters could not resist touching.
That is where Mr. Suyatno told: "If people in this world glorifies a love in her marriage, but do not want to give time, energy, thought, attention is vanity. I chose my wife became my life companion, and when he is healthy he too patiently cared for me, love me with heart and his heart was not with the eyes, and he gave me 4 a cute boy .. Now when he was sick because of our sacrifice for love together and it is a test for me, if I could hold a commitment to love what they are. Sehatpun not necessarily looking for a replacement let alone me he was sick. "Weeping
"Every night I kneel and cry and I can only talk to God in the prayer rug and I believe only in God I trust to keep my secrets and hear THAT LOVE TO MY WIFE, MY GOD TO FULLY SUBMIT".
source: infoterbaik.com

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