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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Masturbation addiction effects causing sterility

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Masturbation is a sexual behavior that is often done when a person is unable to resist sexual urges. Due to the lack of information, there are many false myths that circulate about masturbation and masturbation. One of them mentioned that sexual behavior is causing infertility.
If masturbation becomes a habit and do it often enough, it will indeed result in temporary infertility. According to Dr. Maya Trisiswati, in order to fertilize an egg, sperm cells need to be finalized first.
"It took 72 hours for sperm to mature. If you frequently issued through masturbation, the sperm can not fertilize a mature and can not," said the doctor who became Head of Access and Services Family Planning Association of Indonesia.
Therefore, for those couples who are planning pregnancy, should masturbation or sexual intercourse should not be done every day in order to mature sperm cells.
He added that medically there is no adverse effect of masturbation. "All done with clean hands and without tools, one should not do masturbation or masturbation. It's healthier than multiple partners," he explained in an event workshop on sexual and reproductive health, some time ago in Bandung.
Although no impact medically, Dr. Maya reminds the psychological impact of the habit of masturbation. When it becomes a habit and then addiction, this behavior can affect brain development. "That will thrive is the brain that lead to the pleasure that can lead to obsessive compulsive behavior," he said.
Too frequent masturbation or masturbation also demonstrate our inability to control sexual urges, which means that more filled our minds with things that are erotic.
T. My 16-year-old woman and wanted to know about sex. How do women masturbate? Is there a way or a special method of how a woman masturbating?
J. A woman can masturbate by touching the sensitive parts, especially the clitoris. Each person may have a different way when masturbating. Some are done by yourself or with a partner. Some liked the friction movement there is also a love vibration. Many ways and options as well as tools that can be used
Well Sir, I am actually embarrassed, but I also need to know before proceeding further. If anyone did her masturbation, but not married it does harm or not? Is that done often will affect the ovum owned?
Whether the ovum that will more quickly before time runs out? Or is it just like a normal ordinary woman wrote. Thanks before
ISMI Umiyatun Bint, 19, New York
Maturbasi not cause any harm caused or origin in the right manner or well. In women, clitoral stimulation does not cause any effect.
Using the tools, the origin in accordance with medical standards, are also not harmful. There is no connection between masturbation with the ovum or egg cell. Eggs will be produced for women in good health in the reproductive period.
T. My 22 year old student. Is it necessary to masturbate? If yes how many times we have to masturbate?
J.Onani is customary to form the sexual release and masturbating frequency depends on the person's lifestyle. Could itself can also be done with a partner. All depends on the habit.
For guidance, most people do masturbate 3 to 5 times a week. If you do not masturbate too much will not have less effect both physically and mentally. Influential in shaping the sexual release for someone.
Conversely, any obsession or addiction can be destructive lifestyles and lead to undesirable evil cycle of the frequency of masturbating [who] could endanger the physical and mental health.
T. I am 26 years of age and still doing masturbation. I want to know if masturbating will affect my sexual relationship in the future or not? In addition, I usually stimulates the surface of my vagina during masturbation and never put your fingers, my partner would feel that I am still a virgin?
J. Often masturbating can make you more comfortable sexually. If you learn to contract, then you will be strong vaginal muscles during orgasm. If you're still a virgin, you will experience less pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse for some time.

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