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Thursday, March 29, 2012

mercy for those who married

Islam is perfect. Perfection as a living system and the legal system covering all matters faced by mankind. Allah's Word:
ونزلنا عليك الكتاب تبيانا لكل شيء
"And We sent down unto you the Book (the Quran) to explain all
something .. "(An-Nahl TQS. [16]: 89)
Islam is a religion of nature. This means that Islam is a religion in accordance with human nature. In Islam, we must recognize our nature as living beings, namely the potential life of the necessities of life / physical or hajataul 'udhuwiyah and the instincts that could not be removed, ie, the first instinct to purify something / Gharizah Taddayun, the Instinct to preserve the type / Gharizah Nau 'and the third is the instinct to defend himself / Gharizah Hereafter'.
All of the potential life she can not remove the bag, but can only be transferred. The religious instinct, for example, can not be eliminated, but can only be transferred, of which essentially is the glorification of the Creator, but they switch to glorify their system of communism ideology.
Was also with the other instincts. On this occasion we will discuss about the instinct to preserve offspring or commonly referred to Gharizah Nau '.

However, here the authors do not discuss how to harness that potential in general, because the author believes, has many similar articles and papers that discuss about the above.
Gharizah Nau '
As already described just above, gharizah's lake 'or instinct to preserve this breed is one of the three human nature which has been equipped by God the creator of human beings in this world.
And God as the creator has also derive a set of rules for His servants to fulfill an gharizah Nau 'sharia tersebutdalam corridor. Islam and Sharia law has mensyariatkan Sunnah for Muslims to marry in order to fulfill these gharizah.
Associated with Islamic sharia law in the form of cleric Sarwat Lc Sunnah explains that jurists have a Sunna which they define the term with some restrictions.
Most of jurists say that the Sunnah is an act which if done will be rewarded and if not do not bear sin for pelakunya.Lihat book Al-Fatawa Al-Hindiyah volume 1 page 67, also the book of Ibn Abidin volume 1 page 70.
While some other jurists to make restrictions that the Sunnah is an act that is always done by the Prophet Muhammad, but not to be mandatory because there is no proof that shows the kewajibannya.Bisa we read in the book of Ibn Abidin vol 1 pages 80 and 404.
Also Book Volume 1 Jawahirul Iklil other 73.Ulama page defines the methods in a variety that is not up difardhukan or required. See the book by Al-Asrar Kasyful Bazdawi volumes of 302 pages.

Back to the question \ married before, many verses in the Quran and hadith al peeling around the issue of this marriage. Among the verses of Al Quran are as follows:
"And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives from jenismu own, and so you tend to feel calm him, and maketh wakens a sense of love and affection. Verily in this is truly there are signs for people who think "(Ar-Rum 21)
"And nikahkanlah the people who alone among you, and the people who deserve (married) of a male servant sahayamu and sahayamu servants are women. IF THEY POOR WITH THEIR GOD WILL MENGKAYAKAN grace. And Allah Area (administration) and the All-Knowing. "(An Nuur 32)
"And we made everything in pairs, so that you remember the greatness of God" (Adh Dzariyaat 49)
"Do not approach adultery, because adultery is heinous act and an evil way" (Al-Isra 32)
"It was he who created you from one person, then him He created his wife, in order to become fit and secure to him" (Al-A'raf 189)
"The women are for vile men are cruel, and vile men are for vile women (too), and good women are for good men and good men is for women who either (too) "(An-Nur 26)
"Give dowry (dowry) to the woman (who you are married) as a gift with great pleasure" (An-Nisa: 4)
As for the hadith, it is also very much at all these recommendations, for example:
"Marriage is sunnahku, anyone who does not like, not golonganku" (Narrated by Ibn Majah, from A'ishah)
"Four kinds of between-sunnah sunnah of the Prophet is: Compassionate, wear fragrances, bersiwak and marriage" (Narrated by Tirmidhi)
"Let not a man two-Duan (seclusion) with a woman, because the third party is Satan can chase" (Al Hadith)
"O youth, whoever of you who have been able to marry, then let him marry. Because the marriage was over could lower his gaze and guard over the pubic. And he who has been unable, then let him fast, really fast because it could be a shield for him "(Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)
"Do not be a male and female seclusion, because Satan can chase her. Let one of our retreat, unless she is accompanied by mahram "(Narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim faith of Abdullah Ibn Abbas ra).
"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let not do seclusion with a woman who is not accompanied by mahram, because actually the third is the devil" (Al Hadith)
"God made this world full of jewelry, fine jewelry and the best of life is a wife who sholihah" (Narrated by Muslim)
"If it comes (apply) to you people that you enjoy religious and moral, then nikahkanlah she (your daughter). If you do not receive (application) it will undoubtedly be evil in the earth and widespread destruction "(Reported by At-Turmidzi)
"Whoever is given a wife who sholihah by God, means have been helped by him in half of his religion. Therefore, he should be devoted to the other half "(Al Hadith)
"Be the best wife. Best wife, when her husband is considered fun, when he obeyed orders, if the husband is not there, she keep her husband's wealth and his honor guard it "(Al Hadith)
"O young people! If among you are able to get married let him get married, because it would be more awake, the pubic will be preserved "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Mas'ud)
"Kawinlah with a woman who loves you and is able to give birth. Surely I will boast of you as a people the most "(Abu Dawud)
"You marry each other, each making keturunanlah you, and multiply (offspring). Indeed I am proud of the many in number in the middle of other people "(Narrated by Abdurrazak and Bayhaqi)
"As bad as the worst of you, is not married, and your body sehina contempt, is not married" (Narrated by Bukhari)
"Among the worst of you is a single life, and death of the least of you all is the death of those who choose celibacy" (Narrated by Abu Ya ¡| He and Thabrani)
"From Anas, the Prophet Muhammad. to have said: Anyone who wants to see with God's holy is clean again, then kawinkanlah a respectable woman "(Narrated by Ibn Majah, da'eef)
"Rasulullah SAW said: Kawinkanlah those among you who are still alone. Verily, Allah will edify, broaden sustenance, and add their nobleness "(Al Hadith)
"Those who marry (his daughter) because of the glare of the richness of the man despite bad religion and moral, then it will never dibarakahi his marriage, who is married to a woman because of his position, God will add to her humiliation, Who married her because of the wealth, God only will give poverty, Who married a woman because nasabnya good, God will add to her modesty, but who is getting married just because they want to maintain the views and desires, or because they want to cultivate compassion, God always gives blessings and add kebarakahan him "(Narrated by Thabrani )
"Do not marry her because of her beauty, beauty that might have made you contemptible. Do not you marry a woman as property / asset may be his throne / beyond to make you his throne. However, marry a woman because of her religion. Therefore, a pious woman a slave, though his face is more mainstream bad "(Narrated by Ibn Majah)
"From Jabir r.a., Verily the Prophet SAW. has said: Verily she was married to the person because of his religion, position, wealth, and beauty; then choose a religion "(Narrated by Muslim and Tirmidhi)
"Women are the most glorious barakahnya, is the lightest dowry" (Narrated by Ahmad, al-Hakim, al-Bayhaqi with a saheeh sanad)
"Do not mempermahal value of dowry. Surely if he was noble in the world and piety in Allah, then Allah Himself will be the guardian of marriage. "(Narrated by Ashhabus Sunan)
"Truly a great wedding gift is a simple shopping (dowry)" (Narrated by Ahmad)
"From Anas, he said:" Abu Talha married with a dowry of Umm Sulaim Islam "(Ditakhrij of An Nasa'i)

"Hold your celebration even if only to slaughter a goat." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)
That glimpse of the verses of Allah and the hadith, hadith pertaining to the fulfillment gharizah about an NAU 'in Islam is by way of marriage.

Actually, the issue of marriage is not just limited to these. Many virtues that we can find to get married.
Eligible for help from God in the day later: "Three groups are entitled to be helped by God: a. Those who strive / fight in the way of Allah. b. Slaves who redeemed himself from his master. c. Youth / i are getting married because she wants to distance himself from the haram "(Narrated by Tirmidhi, Ibn Hibban and Justice)
Opened the door Rezeki

From Abu Hurairah ra., The Holy Prophet. He said: "God is not reluctant to give sustenance to His servants who believe, but certainly given the infinite ways." (Narrated by Al-Faryabi and Bayhaqi)

From Jabir ra., He said: "The Prophet. He said: 'There are three things when people do it with confidence in God and hope for His reward, the Almighty himself obliged to help him and give him a blessing. People who are trying to emancipate a slave because of his faith in God and hope for his reward, then the Almighty himself obliged to help him and give him a blessing. People who get married because of faith in God and hope for His reward, then the Almighty himself obliged to help him and give him a blessing ..... '"(Narrated by Thabarani).

From Jabir ra., He said: "The Prophet. He said: "Three groups are eligible for help from Allah ta'ala, namely: a slave who has promised to redeem himself from his master with full faith in the Almighty, the Almighty himself obliged to defend him and help him; a man who is married to abstain from forbidden things of God (adultery), then God obliges himself to help him and give him sustenance ..... '. "(Narrated by Dailami)

"Seek your fortune by marriage (family life)." (Reported by Imam Ad-Dailami in Musnad Al-Firdaus).
Reward those who married were more than those who were not married in a charity case.

"Two rak do people who are married is better than seventy rak sunna prayers that people make are not married." (Narrated by Ibn Adiy of Abu Hurayrah)
Dropping off their sins while embracing her partner

"Verily, when a husband and wife noticed her husband's attention," said the Prophet explained, "then God is watching them both with the full attention of Grace. When her husband grabbed his hands (knead), then the sins berguguranlah husband and wife from between their fingers. "(Narrated Ali ibn Maisarah of Ar-Rafi from Abu Sa'id Al-Khudzri ra)
Fulfill half of the religion of Islam

"When a servant has a family, he had perfected his religion half of the fear of God to the other half." (Reported by At-Thabrani)
Imam Al-Ghazali said that the hadith above gives a signal will be able to protect the primacy of marriage because of irregularities in order to fortify themselves from damage. And as if that makes a person's religion is generally damaged groin and stomach was then one of them paid back by way of marriage. "(Ihya Ulumuddin)
Abu Hatim said that the upholding of one's religion is generally in the groin and abdomen and one of them tercukupkan by marriage, and he should have fear of God to which both of them. "(VI it juz Qodir Faidhul 134)
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said, "The attitude of restraint is most like God is keeping the genitals and abdomen."

May be useful, for those who have been married to the race against time to make his family becoming a sakinah family, mawaddah, warrahmah, and for those who are not married in order to be motivated to hasten it.
And Allaah knows best showab bus.

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