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Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Satisfying Penis Really Big

ALMOST all over the world to believe that men with certain ethnic groups have a large penis. Thus it can be more satisfying opposite sex during sex.

Dr. Adimoelya wise, from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hang Tuah-RSAL Dr. Ramelan Surabaya, confirmed, the size of the penis is not really a major problem. But long ago perceived that the greater the penis, the greater is the nature of the "macho" man.

Many men today mengingingkan enlarged genitals. Whether the business of plastic surgery or to inject a variety of specific chemicals, including injections with silicone. Some are even obsessed to come to a masseuse, Mak Erot for example, that a large penis.

In fact, that determines whether or not a man in great sex is not the size of the penis, but how do men take advantage of this tool and play a good and proper. The important "Man Behind the Gun"

Stimulation of the vagina that can be accepted by both parties wania located only 1/3 the outside. Similarly, "G Spot" (center of delicious arousal stimuli) also located in this area. So do not need a man poking around in the vagina over in search of sexual pleasure.

There are many myths linking penis shape according to the organ of the body. for example the parable of the shape of the penis with your thumb, nose shape, and so forth. He said, looking at the form face or look the other body parts can be estimated and the shape of the penis. "Of course it was not really all that," explained Dr. Arif.

So, the question of big or small it is not important to discuss. Even with the fingers on the smaller size of the penis, a woman can be aroused and experience orgasm.

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