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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Myth of the First Night

Is it true that First Night (MP) has always been a night most "exciting" for the newlyweds?
Quite often held assumptions about the MP mistakenly classified as a bride, so the myths circulating in the community. The emergence of this myth, according to dr. Nugroho Setiawan, Sp.And, androlog of RS. Fatmawati Jakarta, due to lack of knowledge of the bride and groom, especially about sex. The following are myths about the first night that often circulated:
A. Myth: Always painful.
This usually haunt the mind of women, because he had already been worried about her vagina can not accommodate a large penis caused erection.
Fact: This assumption is wrong!
Sex was first done, not always cause pain when it is concerned has been studying sexuality before marriage. The pain usually occurs because of the sexual response has not occurred to him perfectly. The vagina was too tight, so not ready for penetration.
When there is excitement, sexual response will appear in the form of erection in men and in women as well as softening occurs perlendiran vagina. When the vagina has not softened but has penetrated, there will be pain in women. This has led to a sense of trauma. In addition, the imposition of this kind can make the mouth of the uterus to rupture.
2. Myth: Critical Success.
MP is often regarded as a determinant of success in the next sex. When disappointments occur, for example because of a bad experience at MP, it usually does affect subsequent feelings during sex.
Bad experiences, among others, Premature Ejaculation (ED) or pain experienced by women during penetration. It may be that this experience will re-imagined as the next sex, same sex as if it was the first fun run.
Fact: MP is not a determinant of sex keberhasian the next.
3. Myth: ED always occurs when the MP.
Fact: ED does not always occur when MP
By Nugroho, ED caused by a too high arousal and foreplay is lacking. When in fact, this passion can be controlled. When the husband possessed the knowledge of sexuality inadequate, ED can occur. This occurs naturally, and not a bad sign.
4. Myth: As great blue film scene.
Blue film sex a lot to give the impression of a beautiful, excited, can penetrate a short foreplay, or even without foreplay, and can penetrate a long time.
Fact: Not always as good as blue film scene.
Learn the sex of the blue film is not even advisable, because the scenes are presented with no trace. That's not learning good sex. Therefore, both parties need peace, not fondling a hurry, and psychological well completion.
Moreover, women are full of feeling. At times, before contact, some women like to talk first, or stroked to stimulate him. Keep in mind, a good sexual response in women should be complete, and it takes a long time, which is about 30 minutes.
5. Myth: Sex in the blue film is ideal.
Fact: This assumption is misleading.
Therefore, the scene in a blue film mostly just fiction. Moreover, if the husband considers the ideal penis size is large, as in the blue film. Most, blue film starring Western people that in fact a big tall, so the size of his penis was bigger than the small stature of Indonesia.
Preferably, before watching a blue film, newlyweds already have enough knowledge about sex. Thus, they are more wise to address the scene is presented, and can sort out the good stuff.
6. Myth: A large penis, wife satisfied.
Not a few husbands who are concerned can not satisfy his wife for having a small penis. He then thought, would be satisfied if his wife has a large penis.
Fact: Not a measure of the size of the penis that can satisfy your partner.
Rather, violent penis itself. When the penis is big but can not have sex with both, could it happen ED.
7. Myth: Always delicious.
Before marriage, many people think sex is enjoyable, so imagine the MP would be bypassed with relish.
Fact: Apesya, not a bit of a letdown.
Imagine the beauty that can not happen because they do not understand the true sexuality. Indonesia is lazy society self-taught, including the matter of sex. For this reason, many couples are related to the frequency decreases more and more intimate.
Moreover, if the husband selfish for only thinking of his own pleasures, no matter the partner's feelings. While the wife, because he felt ill every time penetrating, often find excuses to not have to serve her husband.
8. Myth: Blood of a virgin.
That is, if the wife be a virgin the first time during sex, bleeding from the vagina. If not, is considered not a virgin.
Fact: This myth is very misleading!
This assumption makes a lot of wives do not worry if the bleeding time MP, and her husband could arouse suspicion.
In fact, when my wife get a complete sexual response, all flexing their reproductive organs. Thus, it is not impossible hymen (Hymen) wife remained intact, even before birth.
9. Myth: Not satisfied = fail.
Fact: Ideally, during sex, both parties can enjoy themselves and their partners.
In fact, it is more and more couples are having sex when MP fails due to a lack of knowledge of sexuality. Generally, they enjoy a good sexual relationship even after days of trying, that is 10-14 days. Actually, this should not happen. But, because people rarely want to learn about Indonesia sexuality, this situation is considered normal eventually.
10. Myth: hymen tore a sign of success.
Fact: This assumption is wrong and not interconnected.
Not necessarily the hymen can tear when MP. By Nugroho, just tear the hymen when MP is a sign of failure on the wife's sexual response. That is, in fact perfect wife is not aroused when penetration occurs.
11. Myth: Must be strong medicine
Fact: This assumption is wrong!
Supporting drugs sexual activity is not recommended to be used if the question does not need it. If MP's husband is currently taking this medication, it could be psychologically it really was not ready, or not able to do so.
12. Myth: Meat Goat enhance.
Fact: This myth is often spread in the community!
The truth, instead of making mutton increased sex drive, but the spices are derived from spices that accompany it when it's cooked goat meat.
Sources: NOVA

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