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Thursday, March 29, 2012

obligation of the husband when the wife is pregnant

When a mother contained a fetus in her womb, is it true that only the mother is responsible for the survival of the fetus? Of course not. God has determined the existence of the life of the fetus to the efforts of two people, mother and father. Berdualah God entrusts to them the message that is very heavy. Unfortunately, more fathers are less aware of their responsibilities during the pregnancy period. The main cause, because they do not have the burden directly. And the loss not only of the fetus, but also his father. Following among the obligations of the prospective baby's father.

Physical needs

Parents should not underestimate the factor of physical needs of the fetus. Growth of brain cells, bone loss and the quality of growth, has begun to be determined since the fetus. Do not let the parents regret later, when meeting the low quality because of the growth of the baby fails to maintain the nutritional needs at this time.

In terms of quantity alone, mothers need to eat more than usual to disubsidikan to the fetus in the womb. Not to mention the quality problems, in which the food intake should be enough protein, vitamins and other nutrients. And obligations of fathers to provide all the food needs of the mother for fetal growth.

Father must be willing to provide these needs, even if it meant he had to provide quality food for his wife two times more than usual. If there is only a piece, it could not hurt to give her father succumb to the mother, because it would be beneficial for two people. Do not also forget to provide an additional requirement of vitamins, blood booster, as well as calcium for the mother. A wise father diligently to control the diet of pregnant women, providing extra food quality and provide motivation to his wife for diligently eating the nutritious foods.

Research shows, the fetus in the womb can feel the touch of loving parents who stroked her mother's belly. He also can enjoy the gentle sound is played loving parents near the mother's abdomen. Experts say, one day after birth, the baby will more actively respond to different sounds during which she often heard in the womb.

Love and Attention
Indeed, the touch of mother's love is enough to meet the needs of affection for the infant. However it is important to remember, that in order to give full attention and affection to her fetus, the mother needs psychological atmosphere of calm and happy. Mothers who are depressed and stressed will not be able to give attention and affection to the fetus optimally. This is where my husband will take a major role in mental health helped her to remain stable, calm, and happy. As the closest person who becomes a soul mate for his wife, he could be a determinant of mental health of the wife.
The husband should give full attention to his wife's pregnancy problems. For example, each discussing the developments taking place week after week, work together to find information about pregnancy and children's education from the print media and to exchange experiences, to accompany his wife during their pregnancy each month, to discuss the future plans for the baby, until taking the time to regularly stroked her stomach as she spoke the words of affection.
It would be better if the husband gives special privileges to his wife during pregnancy. Is not his wife is having an uphill struggle for the sake of their families? Husband can pick out the privileges which supports the healthy development of the fetus. For example, by providing extra food nutritious, providing extra spending money, or buy as many books and magazines that contain information about pregnancy and child education.
Another important thing to remember, that in the process of pregnancy there is a change in hormone levels that could provide a major influence on most pregnant women, where they become more volatile emotions. Coupled with light physical load that is not common that they require more attention than before pregnancy. Very heavy burden to be borne by pregnant women, until he has spoken in favor of the Koran holy book, the letter Luqman: 14, â € œ ... She contains weak and getting weaker ..
Education has been accepted since humans are still in the womb. Father and mother have the same obligation to provide this education. Because the seven-month-old fetus has begun to hear voices aroused around the mother's abdomen, then the parents can play something for him. Play the strains of the holy verses of the Koran is a good choice. And if there was no tape recorder can be attached to the mother's abdomen, then mom and dad can take turns to recite aloud near the mother's stomach!

Responsible husband would not be less bothered and tense moments in the preparation of the birth of the fetus, rather than the wife. There is much to be done to prepare for the husband of an emergency, such as providing the cost of labor, the baby needs, restoration of maternal health, to the preparation aqiqah baby.
Furthermore, the husband was responsible for preparing the mental strength of a wife to give birth. It must be remembered that this is life and death struggle of a wife for his family. The husband should give a lot of attention, encouragement, and motivation to his wife to face this difficult time. Several ways can be taken, such as wife to include training in prenatal classes (prenatal education) are widely held in the hospital, to accompany the birth process itself.
Is a very positive thing, if the husband could be present during the birth process. The presence of this man, though merely accompany, holding his wife's hand and whispering words of consolation to his wife, will give an extra boost mental strength for his wife. Although not able to reduce pain, but mental strength gained wife will make him stronger pain, which in turn will facilitate the birth process.
Regarding the involvement of the husband on the birth process is now beginning to realize many of these people, experts say that other than beneficial to the wife, even this benefit to their own husbands. When the husband saw his wife suffered pain, weight struggle against death, then one day he will be better able to appreciate and understand the feelings of his wife. Additionally, it will grow a special feeling in the hearts of the husband of the baby, so it would be to familiarize the bond between father and son. And about the negative impact of rumors stating that her husband's presence at birth may make it impotent, it is only in rare cases that may occur in one in a million suami.Selamat forming a pious son and daughter / hah and able to carry the mandate of the caliph in the earth of Allah swt. (kit / hidayatulloh)

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