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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oral sex competitions Police Disbanded

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ATHENA, Nine women were arrested on charges of prostitution. But in fact they were arrested for participating in oral sex contest.

According to police, on Monday (14/7) or Tuesday (15/7) Indonesia time, this strange race took place at Laganas beach, on the southern island of Zakynothos. According to the Daily Mirror, the women, most British people, come on vacation to the island which has become one of the main goals in Greece.

Then, when they come into a bar, they offered a part in oral sex and race to which they are paid. Action was also recorded and will be broadcast via the Internet.

But in the middle of the action takes place, the police came and arrested them. Certainly not fair that only those women who were detained, but the man who becomes the object of competition is also arrested on charges of encouraging indecent acts.

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