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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oral sex is safe to Do With

Although there have been many warnings about oral sex, for example, can lead to transmission of viral diseases, people do not necessarily reduce this type of sexual activity. Known, many couples think oral sex is more intimate than intercourse to give a sense of his own. Direct clitoral stimulation on oral sex cause women are more likely to reach orgasm, compared to doing it intercourse. On the other hand, men also get a more intense pleasure with oral sex.
But for many other couples, oral sex is a challenge. Oral sex can not happen if you are shy with a partner. To be able to do this, first we must feel comfortable with the Mr P. Meanwhile, when you become a party to receive the "service" is, you have to feel comfortable with Ms V on your own. If not convenient, we will not get the pleasure that you want, or are expected to satisfy a partner.
"Oral sex is sexual activity is one of the most erotic, exciting, and satisfying, you can do," explains Dr. Ava Cadell, sex therapist and author of The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Oral Sex. "That is one part that needed to be great lovers. So if one wants, while others refuse, it could cause the relationship to be chaotic."
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 90 percent of men and women have had oral sex in their lives. Does not mean they still do it regularly, or whether they liked it. Why are there some of them do not even want to try it, not because of a sense of worry about hygiene. Others do not like the "taste" (although now there are various flavors of condoms). Still others worry about not being able to do well. The rest is enough to say that putting a face so close to the body is usually covered with unpleasant things.
Mutual compromise
We do not need to do something that is not convenient for us, but it could not hurt us to do something to overcome the obstacles that limit the enjoyment you and your partner, right? Believe it not, almost all of you about oral sex reluctance can be overcome with a simple explanation.
"If you question the cleanliness, you can really take a shower with your partner," says Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First and He Comes Next. "If a man does not like performing oral sex to her partner, she needs to know that the vagina has a self-cleaning ecosystem," he explained. On the other hand, he added, if a woman oral sex combined with manual stimulation (by hand) to avoid the feeling of wanting to choke, and ask their partner to not push too deep, they could still compromise. You only need to do it slowly.
Another thing you need to know, the party receiving oral sex should not be the only one who enjoyed the session. When you rub his penis, and see how he's enjoying it, also provide a stimulus for your own. Even if you prefer to give oral sex to a partner but you do not like it-aka-any one direction does not matter. However, you can try to identify the cause. Because, "People who do not enjoy oral sex usually have a psychological barrier," says Dr. Cadell.
Cause, because one party feels forced to do so. For example, women who are not in the mood for sex, forced to give oral sex (or fellatio) to their partner. Or, a man who was "determined" to give oral sex until their partner reaches orgasm, but-again-partner does not want to touch, or feel uncomfortable doing so.
If indeed you do compromise, the compromise should be approved by both parties and mutually please each other. "Do not let fear determine what you should do, not to mention fun like this," suggests Dr Sharna L. Striar, certified sex therapist practicing in New York City. "Oral sex should be fun, provide variety, and enhance pleasure. But because this is a very intimate nature, you have to communicate with each other about what is desirable and necessary."
Make sure you communicate before you do!
Sources: Your Tango

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