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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oral sexs become so More Fun

 Sometimes lazy woman performing oral sex. It's nothing, imagine oral sex sometimes makes ilfil because men often go to the bathroom to urinate and not washed. Unlike the women who obviously wash it, even wipe them clean. Women seemed unsure whether their partner had to clean it properly?
In addition to cleanliness, it seems inconceivable if the woman performing oral sex to make men happy, but the Eve itself suffered at the thought of what it was like and to them may seem strange. As a man, you may never feel the sperm itself is not it?
So, no wonder sometimes the women do not feel like the game on that one. However, for men, one of the most exciting sex game is oral sex? Then, how to make oral sex more enjoyable? Who knows, if you successfully make it okay, he's willing to do it again and again ... hmmm ....
Yes. cleanliness is very important that they are comfortable performing oral sex. Not only try to make him comfortable, but also to explore. Imagine how uncomfortable this activity when the sex organs you smell bad!
Do not forget that the tongue would play a role here. So, wash and clean down there. Remember that the daily activities of man have led to the area down there becomes less attractive to women. If necessary, take a bath together with him so you both experience an exciting foreplay. The last tip, although it is not necessary to shave all the hair, at least do not let too thick down there. Just as a man who likes women who are full of beauty, a little neatness will be very supportive!
Create a comfortable atmosphere
This is very important! For most women, the oral is very important. Make a comfortable situation, build a good mood to mate. For men, ask a position that made him relax. Just tips, not all women like it when you stand up and expect down there, then your hips feel like a king, or when your partner is doing. You also should not go around encouraging couples to head more in swallowing. Hey! Women could choke you've got! Do not be influenced most of the movies you watch, not all women be like that!
Prepare your taste
In general, many of the women who do not like when they have to swallow sperm, but maybe the man could make it more interesting. Did you know that what you eat a very influential man in the sense of his sperm?
If men like to eat vegetables, it's very good for her, why? Because of his sperm would be very sharp. If you are not ready to just eat vegetables without meat, try the consumption of fruits like kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, and celery are also able to "lighten" taste of sperm. In fact, try to eat a plum, blueberry, cranberry because it will make it taste more sweet. For your info, beer and coffee will make you taste a little bitter.
Create game
Okay, let's say your female partner still not particularly like it, maybe you can modify to provide food such as chocolate sauce, whipped cream, or other foods that are scattered in the target area and also in other areas in addition to the game.
Ask impression
This is the most important thing. Do not forget to ask about the impression, even if need be flattered him with a sentence that is praised because you have been treated like a king. Although he did not that great, but your spouse is trying.
Do not forget to also give a small clue by saying "next time you go to the left a bit 'or anything with a sweet smile. Reassure him that it was better, but it would be better if the position over there.

dr Intan Airlina Febiliawanti

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