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Friday, March 23, 2012

oral vaginal area

cunnilingus Family

Known by many names; down, eating out, clam chowder, and carpet munching to name a few, well-known art of cunnilingus as an important skill to master if you want to keep your woman satisfied ... and in general, a woman who satisfied the faithful!

It is exposing the family in which the position can be performed cunnilingus will help a lot, and be sure to check out our guide to oral sex technique once you're there!

Click on any position to get the full 3D animation effects.

68 - Hers

Oral Heaven - focus 100% of the time he just relaxes - she'll thank you for it! 69 less 68 ... he owes you! :)


"You rang ... it was very dark out there ma'am, either that or this peephole needs a darn good dust?

Here are the Drive-Thru with a difference;) Be respectful and do not forget to place your order before you chow down.

ear Muffs

Ever heard of the three wise monkeys? Here it is, 'Look, hear all and say nothing'. Enjoy it ... that "mmmmmmm" once in a while will be enough :)

3 wise what?

Eve Ecstasy

Ecstasy Eve is all about control, stimulation and access. While actors and Chows laid back down.


You can get as dirty as you like, so go ahead; a pair of legs wrapped around the muzzle and chow down. That's some tasty bait you got there!
Forbidden fruit

A forbidden fruit recommended more than five times a day to keep the doctor away. This is the diet to die for!

head Rush

Just hanging around, there are no good intentions! Just one question - will the blood rushes to your head or to ...?

Licking the Flag Pole

You do not want him to put the flag to half mast as you finish ... showed him the colors and your pole might be next!

Pie in the sky

Yummy! Better than Momma's best baking ... this one will have you salivating for more - careful with the hot gravy now!
The North Face riding

Get hold of safe because things can change quickly up there ... just mind where you put those crampons.

Riding the South Face

For cunnilingus lovers who like to take back country routes. And if he's in the mood to go south on you while you're exploring his territory, bonus!


Guaranteed to warm everything ... Scarf is great for all weather. No need for hats and gloves though - unless you are outdoors.
spread Eagle

Help him find the thermal and she can soar with the birds! Follow his steps, not greedy and dive too soon ...

Suplex - its

Wrestling purists will see that this is not the exact shape of the move, but in the grand scheme of things, our lovers are more than happy to be bonded to each other.

Under the Cuckoo Nest 's

If you see your bird perched in this position, do not let it fly without paying a visit of their roost. They will give you plenty to snack if you burrow themselves in their nest.

Under the Hood

Calling amateur car mechanics everywhere ... This is one time you will not mind losing your dipstick!
In the Sink

In order to get a better look at other couples pipe, the giver has to go down under. But if the pipes burst, they will have no choice but to plunge her!


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