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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Orgasm Really Make congestion

A colleague told Kompas.com, when she was having sex with her husband and she had an orgasm, his nose was clogged making it difficult to breathe. Though he did not have the flu. The condition gradually recovered his nose after he began to breath.
These conditions, he said, quite often the case even though he can not remember when it started to attack congestion occurs. Is there before orgasm, or when appropriate to the top. Friends are suspect when it did boost blood flow after an orgasm, but why does this happen so suddenly?
Apparently, during orgasm congestion conditions experienced by some other woman in the world (some may not realize it).
Though common, having an orgasm it will usually correct the sinus condition, at least temporarily. This suggests that sex can indeed become a kind of "medicine" for our medical condition.
Orgasms can relieve sinus because we stimulated the adrenaline, explained Dr. Jordan Josephson, director of the New York Nasal and Sinus Center, and author of Sinus Relief Now. Adrenaline causes the tissues in the nose wrinkle, paving the way for air to enter in a fun way.
When that happened was the opposite (nasal congestion during orgasm), according to Josephson, probably because you have a polyp is found "his way" over there, and memerangkapkan himself in the driveway of respiratory or sinus. During sexual intercourse took place, depending on your position, the polyp may fall into the entrance of air circulation and this is what can cause a blockage.
Josephson explained that polyps can be caused by inflammation of the soft tissue in the nasal cavity caused by an infection, or may be allergic, and then stay there after the infection passes. Polyps are not always a sign of cancer, such as colon polyps, so you need not worry about it too.
If you want to know if you have a polyp, you can consult with an otolaryngologist. Polyps can be cured with oral medications and an inhaler, but if it's bad to do the surgical removal of polyps. Well, if you can cure early polyps, of course you will be able to breathe more easily. Not least if you're happy to undergo an intimate relationship with her husband.
Source: msnbc

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