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Monday, March 26, 2012

point stimuli in men

There is one area that may not crossed your mind as one of the most sensitive part of the male sex organ. Area is touted as the G-spot this guy is on the prostate gland.

All this is more synonymous with prostate enlargement or cancer. Which has not been known is the prostate is very sensitive so as to produce a sensation when stimulated. Stimulation in this area not only makes the penis erect quickly, but also contributes greatly to the achievement of orgasm.

The problem is not many people know where the prostate gland is located because it is hidden. The prostate is a gland of a shelled walnut, located in the pelvic area remains below the bladder opening. It's about 1 inch inside the rectum.

The prostate gland itself plays an important role in the reproduction process, which is producing most of the fluid that mixes with sperm to form the seminal fluid (semen).


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