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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Position to Stimulate the G-Spot

Many women who have sexual satisfaction. Maybe that's why, there are still many questions about orgasms, including how to get it. Among them are looking for the point G-Spot. Understandably, the presence of G-Spot is still widely questioned. Technically, according to the medical world, there is no G-Spot in the vagina. But sexually, many women who can not imagine if the vagina is not "equipped" with the G-Spot. So, what exactly is the G-Spot, where his position, and how menstimulasinya? Dr. Lissa Rankin, an obstetrics and gynecology, and Amber Madison, a sex expert, to answer this question.
G-Spot Is it really there?
We are often taught that the clitoris is a cornerstone in arousing sexual desire. Even women who claim to have an orgasm through intercourse even get it after stimulating the clitoris. However, the patients Dr. Rankin said that there is always somewhere in the front wall of the vagina which is the point of this stimulation. This is certainly contrary to many studies that say that every part of the vagina has been examined using a microscope, and no front wall of the vagina that looks different from any portion of the vagina. Thus, the doctors concluded, G-Spot does not exist. "Nevertheless I believe in many things that are not visible, so it is not entirely rational I agree. Do you think my G-spot exist? Yup," said Dr. Rankin.
Where the position of the G-Spot?
Women who believe in the existence of the G-Spot says that this point lies in the 5 to 7.6 cm in the vagina, on the front wall, just below the bladder. This area is described as having wavy texture that is different than other parts of the vagina are softer, although according to Dr. Rankin almost all of the healthy vagina before entering menopause is wavy). According to the patient, the perceived sensation of G-Spot stimulation is completely different than clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is much more sensitive and easily raised, while the G-Spot stimulation is more in need, but also produces a more intense orgasm. "Too many women are saying so-and I trust them more than the Gross Anatomy Eastern European teachers who say otherwise," said Dr. Rankin.
What kind of sex position to stimulate the G-Spot?
According to Amber, whatever sex position, where the penis can rub the front wall of the vagina, is well positioned to reach the point in question. Many women find that the positions doggy style, reverse cowgirl (woman on top, but back to the man), or other positions where he "walked" from the rear, can reach that point. Do you enjoy G-Spot stimulation or not, keep trying new sexual positions. Many women also say that their bodies change with age. Thus the first position does not cause any pleasure to you, might give a much different flavors later.
Where can I find my G-Spot?
Dr. Rankin said that many women who have yet to find this sensitive point. All he could suggest is, keep looking, because there is the challenge. Do the sexual exploration, either by Kama Sutra or by searching for G-Spot. "But if you can not find it, do not be disappointed. Many women can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation directly. If other women can orgasm through vaginal intercourse, usually this is because they have mastered the art of 'positioning' themselves and their partners in a position where the clitoris get a softer touch, "said Dr. Rankin. Remember that the main purpose of sex is to build intimacy. If you feel satisfied, do not let it stress you and your partner not being able to get something that you already have.
Sources: Betty Confidential

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