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Sunday, March 25, 2012

realize your fantasy in sex

 -Realize sex fantasies can indeed dye your sex life and your partner. In fact, according to a British sex expert, Tracey Cox, sharing fantasies with your partner is the best way to continue to turn on your sex drive.
However, realizing the fantasy is not as easy as we thought. Moreover, as the weaker sex, we often feel ashamed of expressing love fantasy and passionate expression. In fact, if truth be told we have a wild fantasy that we can not fully express candidly.
Well, for those who want to try to realize and share the fantasy with the couples you know there are guidelines. Starting from making plans, delivering on the fantasy partner, and set up a backup strategy if the spouse refuses to realize the fantasy.
Prepare a strategy
Plan A:
Wait until you and your partner feel relaxed and comfortable. Then, pretend you had told me that last night a very sexy dream. Tell me what happened in the dream (which is actually your fantasy) and see the reaction partner. The more he asks detail your dream, then he's more interested to make it happen. So, take advantage of his enthusiasm. If it is realized, the new is you can say that the dream was actually part of your fantasies are buried so far.
Plan B:
Rent a movie that the scene is similar to your fantasy. Then, watch the movie with your partner. Watch her reaction. Does he look interested, bored, or even a little scared? If he suddenly approached you with a passion and begin to launch the action or he saw you with that look like to follow the scene in the movie, it means you plan a success.
Plan C:
Buy a book about sex that it matters about sexual fantasies, including the types of fantasy. Give books as gifts to your spouse. If he's the kind of shy guy, let him read the book yourself before you ask what her favorite sexual fantasies. If he's a pretty broad-minded man, stick notes on a page or image that is your fantasy. Let him know about it and make it happen for you.
If he refuses
Sharing fantasies is not easy and certainly risky, especially for the fantasies that tend to "deviant". But who does not have the fantasy that "dangerous"? Each person actually has this tendency. You also must have had a naughty fantasy in your imagination roam.
If this is the fantasy of a friend. He often fantasized having sex with a mystery man superganteng a guest at her wedding moments before the ceremony begins. Indeed, until now he has not married, however, he did not intend to realize the fantasies that even imagining it makes him feel happy and challenged. The reason is, that fantasy can be very "dangerous" if it gets known partner.
Indeed, sexual fantasy is a very personal thing. You can just split the pair. However, before you need to select first-aggregated. If you choose fantasy involving another man other than a partner (having sex with other men) or pretending to be raped, get ready just denied the couple.
Well, if you do not want fantasy is rejected, start by dividing a safe fantasy scenario first. Once this is successful, you can increase the risk scenario to a level higher rejection. Could not hurt to try. Do not be afraid to fail. All depends on how your delivery really.
Tips realize the fantasy
A. Use symbols or conditional, for example, by directing him to the scene as you imagine.
2. If this is your first time and realize the fantasy partner, choose one that can make you both happy.
3. Clarify how the character you want to play and mate.
4. If you do it at home, make sure when you and your partner's fantasies realize there is no other family fanggota so privacy is not compromised.
5. Women were also many who fantasize about a threesome. To be safe, you can use a vibrator sex toys with your eyes closed. You also like having sex with more than a man without consequence envied.
(Erma Dwi Kusumastuti)

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