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Monday, March 26, 2012

Repeated orgasm

 Enjoying orgasm seems to still be a great hope for most women. So blessed are you who have been able to get it. In fact, now you too can try to get multiple orgasms.
Multiple orgasms can occur in the lag time minutes, hours, or even as long as you are still with her husband all night, according to relationship experts from Redbook magazine, Lou Paget, author of The Big O. In fact, it is easier for women to achieve orgasm more than once than men because women's bodies do not need to go through the recovery period after the first orgasm. That is, we can stay on top longer and remain ready to conduct the next session. When you want to try, follow the steps below. Either alone or with a partner, just enjoy this exploration.
Step 1: Give stimulus from the outside
Anyone actually have a greater chance to enjoy orgasm more than once. Try to keep your body before touching your partner, you have to get sexual stimulation from the outside, such as music, candles, massage, movies, or anything related to your body. "The higher your sexual energy is built before your body is touched, the more easily you get an orgasm, even more than once because you desire a higher," says Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman.
Step 2: Pull them off first
After warming up, now is the time you try everything hotter. Caress your skin with a luxurious material or play on the sensitive areas, such as the neck or chest. Once your body respond to touch, movement, or genital stimulation, the resistance to penetration is not first. Abrams argues that women are more effective to get the first orgasm through clitoral stimulation directly, which can be achieved with a vibrator or oral and manual. Do it slowly, do not be hasty, and try to delay orgasm until you can not hold it anymore.
"With the retreat before an orgasm, and then build again, and back again several times, you can increase the amount of sexual tension in the body significantly," said Abrams. It is also not only increase your chances of getting a great first orgasm, but also prepare you for further orgasms. "Your body starts to expect that after you experience the climax of the time. You will get it because you've trained to be ready to get up and down," he continued.
Step 3: Earn your orgasm.
Has not really reached the peak? Try adding your PC muscle contractions, also known as Kegel exercises. "If you do so rhythmic contractions woke up feeling happy, you can feel the orgasm," says Abrams. Studies have also shown that women who know how contracts the muscles of his PC is more likely to have multiple orgasms.
Step 4: Repeat the excitement back.
Begin to stimulate your clitoris again for 30 seconds after the first orgasm. By doing this, you can help your body is still at the peak remains in the condition. If your clitoris is too sensitive for direct touch, go back to other areas that you feel good in the second step. "You have to survive on the sexual energy by continuing to touch," said Abrams.
When you're ready, try to start doing intercourse with clitoral stimulation (use your hands, hands of a partner, or a vibrator if intercourse alone has not reached the point of stimulation). Also do Kegel movements (like when you hold your pee) to help you reach climax later. Even so, no need to put too much hope. "Do not focus on her orgasm because you will lose your purpose in this intimate relationship," said Abrams. Focus on pleasure, and then follow the course of pleasure, the orgasm will come.
If you have not managed to get multiple orgasms, do not give up. Try to keep and enjoy every touch of the couple.
Source: Redbook

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