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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Risk to Oral Sex

Many found the relationship of oral sex among teenagers who are dating. Not infrequently, this relationship also led them into sexual relationships.

Without the support of good sex education, not rare diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, HIV and even going to attack. Therefore, there needs to be a correct understanding of this.

Oral the penis
In theory, oral sex risk of transmitting certain diseases to a partner because it could become infected due to the liquid that comes out before ejaculation (pre-ejaculate) or by sperm entry.

If there was an open wound in the oral mucosa, although small and not visible, could cause the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections because of this open wound is the entrance of viruses or bacteria into the blood vessels.

Although this risk is small compared to anal or vaginal sex, in some cases, HIV transmission can still occur due to oral sex although the couple did not ejaculate.

Oral vaginal
The same thing can happen when oral sex performed on women. Risk of HIV transmission can occur because infected vaginal fluids and blood can also be entered into the mouth.

Transmission also can occur when there is a small wound in the mouth of a partner who is performing oral infection of sexually transmitted diseases and there are minor injuries that are not recognized or mild irritation in the vagina.

HIV transmission in oral sex is lower than the anal and vaginal sex will be, but in some cases, transmission through oral sex with a vagina has been shown to exist.

by dr. Intan Airlina Febiliawanti

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