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Friday, March 30, 2012

school children to sell his friend 2

I'm fun of my tongue in her mouth and tenderly started to dare to retaliate cumbuanku Lisa with a soft bite and suck on my tongue with her lips. Feels good and sweet. When both our tongues touching, warm and wet. Then kukucup and top and bottom lip kukulum alternated. Kecapan-kecapan sound a little when my lips and mouth to compete with each other. I did not expect Lisa to reply to all kucupan with ghairah so.I smiled. Fingers of my right hand still on the hill kelangkangnya start moving cipapnya original pressing. Wipe, rub up and down slowly. Lisa gave a little scream and moan softly, his eyes dipejamkannya meetings, while a small mouth open slightly. His face looks a little sweaty. I kissed her ear gently.
"Oohmm. Bb .. Bangg ..", she whispered softly."Brother Tuberose not make this", I asked eagerly."Hh .. I.. Iyyaa Tuberose .. Bang ..", she whispered bluntly. He increased his lust ni ni dah. Fikirku in the liver.
I embraced her more tightly to my body and then we went back berkucupan. My waist and pulled her left hand firmly holding the shirt. When satisfied rubbed cipapnya hill, now creeping fingers of my right hand moves upward, starting from the base pehanya hold. Under kurungnya clothes. Scour small waist slim but solid, while continuing to rub. Hujung I felt my fingers begin to be between the two breasts. My fingers feel how dense breasts. I rub on it and then slowly began to climb slowly. Kekadang my fingers squeeze her breasts are too strong. Softer and more supple. When Lisa also broke off the kiss of my lips kuluman. Her mouth to scream.
"Aaww .. Bang .. Never sakitt firmly .." Lisa protested but still smiling ..
I grab his left hand and put it in the gap kelangkangku. I saw his eyes screwed shut. In my heart said. Eehh. Him. Ni shy but willing.,. Lisa's hands began to touch the repose batangku seluar underwear. Moreover batangku tersengguk-sengguk not be silent. I open my underwear seluar directly. I genggamkan batangku hands on. I moaned with pleasure when suddenly Lisa instead of holding it again but even with a strong squeeze. I complained favors. I see now daring to look at Lisa's batangku diramasnya, I do not know what was in his thoughts, I do not care, an important pleasures.
I pull Lisa's body next to me and I'm meeting with the pack hug. Lisa squirmed as I spoiled my body close to his tiny body so that her breasts feel pressed against my chest. Asyikknya Mm. In the meantime I'm looking lips, Lisa puts her arms around my neck, with greedy suddenly he mengucup my lips, I responded with no less ferocity. Lisa termengah-mengah out of breath. Meanwhile, I press toward cipapnya batangku strong. During berkuluman, my fingers began to creep into the back portion of his body, until the fingers of both hands are above the sphere of both ponggongnya. Kuramas-swab and wipe. I shake it in ponggongnya meat so I can feel the elasticity of the solid meat ponggongnya it.
Lisa moaned and groaned in cumbuanku small. Then kurapatkan to the lower body portion to the front, so inevitably it's hard batangku who has competed with the still-wrapped cipapnya. I started menggesel-geselkan batangku. Lisa said nothing. May feel joy.
My hands started berleluasa. Looking for buttons. I lower my body so that my face was in front kelangkangnya."Abang open yaa .. Yes?" I asked pretending. Ask for permission.
Lisa just nodded her head slowly. My hands crept back up a little calf scour the continued upward until both the white pehanya smooth without the slightest flaw, smooth skin once pehanya, I stroked slowly and began to squeeze.
"Ooh .. Bang ..", Lisa moaned small.
Then the fingers of both hands crept back. To ponggongnya the round. I ramas-ramas malignant. Aahh. So smooth, supple and solid. Lisa turned out good care of myself. When my fingers touched the rope portion above seluar it, I pull it down. How wonderful cipapnya form. Aje dishes like kuih putu. In the middle portion of the hill cipapnya split. Cipapnya still sealed burrows.
Around the region's only seen a few strands of hair cipapnya. And that's silky-smooth. So clean and white-owned cipap ni Lisa, my heart whispered. I appreciate the beauty of being cipapnya it. I see Lisa kurungnya undressing. Then I help her open her bra. His face flushed a little embarrassment, but he tried to keep smiling. Fantastic. It's beautiful breasts. Round like a tennis ball, it's white. Net. Nipple-nipples still small. Brownish pink-sikit sikit was there. It was beautiful. Fikirku.
"Lisa's beautiful ni", I whispered softly.
Batangku the tersengguk-hala sengguk indeterminate. Then Lisa menghulurkan took up arms to me. Now we feel like lovers only.
"Bang. Lisa'm ready. Lisa will leave it. Like a brother. And Lisa want", he whispered."Aahh. Top katil jom. Brother can not stand ni dah", I whispered again shamelessly. Lisa smiled."It's up to Bang. Kat for any kid brother", he said.
Tooiinng. Batangku tersengguk-sengguk as if agree. With a passion I immediately pulled him into katil. Lisa kurebahkan a naked body on top of katil, Lisa's body is clearly visible naked from head to hujung hujung feet. Lisa looked at me. Wait what will be applicable beyond.
I open my shirt dress. I crawled up katil. And lying next to it. We berkulumam tongue for a while. While crawling all over her hands. I rub both of her breasts as she slowly squeeze-ramas. Then my hands go down. To the gap kelangkangnya. Rubbing on it. Mazinya water until it melts in my fingers. Lisa groaned small.
I slide my face just above the circle of her breasts, fingers hands began to creep across two mountain hers, as if to scratch both of her breasts. And I second blob uli taste her breasts are firm and plump. Lisa moaned and writhed between amusement and pleasure.
"Mm .. Mm .. Bang .. Bang .. Geli Iih ..", she moaned softly.
Some time I played both breasts nipple nipples are red with my fingertips. Lisa squirmed again. I bit her nipple with a soft pellet.
"Mm Bang," Lisa sighed increasingly erratic and I ramas-ramas both pieces."Aaww. Bbaa .. Nngg ..", Lisa moaned and his hands firmly holding the cloth veil.
I'm getting mad. Not satisfied kuramas then my mouth began to lick both of her breasts in turn. Wet the entire surface of her breasts. I bit my nipples, gently biting her breast nipple in turn while kuramas-ramas to little Lisa screamed in pain. "Bangg .. Sshh .. Shh .. Oohh .. Oouww .. Banngg ..", she moaned. I could not scream while writhing peduli.Lisa to the left and right, occasionally the two fingers of his hand and squeezed my head hair. Both hands remain meramasi both of her breasts as she turns to suck smoke-filled pleasure. Lips and tongue with so greedy kiss, suck and suck the breasts are firm and solid. In the mouth, the nipples of her breasts with my tongue kupilin-gyre while continuing to suck. Lisa could only hiss, groan, and screaming a few times stronger when my teeth gently biting her nipples. Some places in both breasts appear reddish dots used suction and used small lines gigitanku. Mm. Mm.Ini absolutely delicious. After quite satisfied. Lips and tongue are now creeping downward. I left both her breasts are moist and full of old paintings and hisapanku gigitanku, very clear with white skin color. When my tongue played over her navel, she started moaning small easement, the fragrant smell of her sweat mixed with the desire to add my sex mounting, kukucup kubasahi entire stomach and small to get wet. I quickly retreated down the tongue and lips lagi.Dengan who was never out of his skin that has been at the top of a hill charming cipapnya beautiful. But his crotch pressed me to fondle her vagina less freely. "Go ye foot Liza," I said impatiently. "Ooh. Bbaanngg", Lisa only moaned softly when I open crotch. Apparently he was limp fun of me, but I know he has not even been aroused orgasm. Right now I want to feel feminine delicacy of fluid from the hole cipap Sunti a girl. I fix the head position in the crotch Lisa. Lisa opened the two sides of her thighs wide. Now her sweet face looked wrinkled and his hair looked unkempt. His eyes still squeezed shut her lips look wet broke namum beautiful. Both hands were still in bed sheets, he seems to feel depressed. "Lisa", I said pleasantly. "Let go of feelings. Do not be afraid. When Lisa was delicious. Screaming alone. Let puass", I said next. "I.. Yeah .. b .. Bbanngg Seedapp banngg Se .. ..", as she kept her eyes closed she said, smiling perlahan.Aku happy, soon you will feel the incredible pleasure yangg dear, I whispered to myself, and after that I will take away kegadisanmu and fuck as much. Kuhayati cipapnya the beauty of a moment. Cipap Lisa's still Fresh. The skin on the lips and around her vagina cipap still pudgy, not repot.Kedua cipapnya lips tightly closed so hard for me to see the hole completely virgin Sunti cipapnya.Benar I thought proudly. Aahh. How nice the next time slot and hole cipapnya cipap mengemut batangku, will be spilled as much water into liangnya cum later as a sign that is not terkata pleasures of the world. I hope that Lisa could feel the warm cum spray of water, so that he can feel the pleasure I felt. Further unexpectedly Lisa pressed her hands down my head. Towards her vagina. Buried my nose between her lips and warm vaginanya.Empuk. Kuhidu heart's content with feeling the smell of her vagina, while the bottom lip kiss me on the lips of her vagina with great passion. I blades vagina with my mouth, while the fingers of both hands crept over her thighs and squeezed the round with a vicious ponggongnya. Taste her pussy. Mm. Yummy. There is a little sweet and salty. Delicious. Lisa screamed favors erratic, her body writhing and kekadang great bouncing tight, clamp her thighs several times a cool head berkulum with her pussy lips. I held both ponggongnya that are a little sweaty so as not to move too much, while my lips are still playing in her vagina. "Mm .. auuww Bangg .. .. .. Hgghhkkhh Aaww ..". Lisa was moaning. "Bang .. Bangg Ssedapp .. .. .. Oouuhh aduuhh Aahh ..", she squealed strong enough for the pleasure. His hands move squeeze the hair of my head, wagging his shoulders are sexy. Kekadang ponggongnya while raising terkejang kekadang favors. Nyonyotanku ponggongnya shaken in rhythm with her pussy. "Bangg Oouhh .. .. .. Yaahah yaahh .. Bang .. huhuhu .. Huhu ..", Lisa shouted louder. Lisa like crying sometimes. Probably powerless to resist the pleasure that I make cipapnya. Great writhing body and head Lisa turned to the left and right quickly, hissing and moaning mouth karuan.Aku no more eager to see his reaction. My mouth is getting fierce, with intermittent breath kusingkap lips with my right hand fingers. Mm. I saw pink meat soaked in water mixed with liquid water liurku mazinya. Lower visible cracks are very narrow vaginal canal and reddish. I tried to open the mouth rather wide cipap Lisa, but Lisa suddenly gave a little scream. Turns out I was too broad lips reveal cipapnya. Gently wipe the lips of her vagina. And then slowly return kusingkap naughty lips, the red slit back look, the pussy hole I see a small bulge of meat. Also reddish. Gem stones. The most sensitive part. Mm. Ni pearl he favors for Lisa thought, and I stuck out my tongue greedily and began to lick the gemstone. Lisa suddenly screamed loudly as he jerked his legs down. Lisa twitched violently. With the update I was holding both his thighs with a strong and once again kulekatkan lips and nose above the slit both her pussy lips, I stuck my tongue out as long as possible and clamp kuteluskan pierce my tongue again licked her pussy lips and pearl favors. "Hgghggh .. Hhgh .. Sshshhshh ..", Lisa screamed and held a long hiss. His body twitched again. Ponggongnya pulled up to the top so it is more like my tongue in and excoriate menelusup-ulit gem stones. Suddenly, I heard Lisa was sobbing and I felt like there stop by the warm liquid into the scalp mulutku.Aku lip pearl Lisa began to droop so that the body is weak and eventually fell back into bed ponggongnyapun. Lisa moaned erratic. Appreciate the blessings for the first time he felt, his own world of pleasure heaven. Slit of her vagina now looks a bit more red. It was wet all over her crotch. Full of saliva mixed with mucus is thick. Mm. Mm. I do lick the entire surface of the hill cipapnya. "Tuberose is not it?", I whispered. Lisa did not answer, his eyes squeezed shut. I saw Lisa mambasahkan tongue lips. Mark enjoys profound preoccupation. His mouth was smiling, happy. Without waiting for an answer, I immediately sat half kneeling on top of him. Lisa's breasts filled with paintings of my work. Look up the pace of her breathing down. With a bit rough I bend his legs. And second kutumpangkan pehaku on his crotch into his groin so wide open it shows that stimulates cipapnya. Ponggongnya towards me so I pulled batangku a miserable long enough, I geselkan cipap on the hill which is still owned by Lisa rubbed the head batangku basah.Kuusap-second gap on the lips of her vagina. Delicious. Lisa squirmed spoiled. "Bangg .. iih .. gelii .. Aah .. Ggeellii ..", she screamed spoiled. I hold batangku already hard and I'm in the groove ulit-ulitkan cipapnya. While kuusik bothered with head batangku gem stones. Then I plug the gap cipapnya hill, looking for pussy hole slowly. I felt hills cipapnya delicious and warm. Aahh. Batangku turned my hand pierced with a gentle hill past cipapnya batangku head squeezed in between the two lips of her vagina. "Slowly Bangg ..", she whispered weakly. With the fingers of my right hand leads batangku that can not wait to get inside and that her hymen meragut. Lisa held my waist-pack containers, while I saw Lisa closed his eyes as if waiting for me. I press it again slowly. "Aahh .. Bangg .. Mm .. Aaww .. slowly .. sakiit Bangg ..", Lisa little shriek. Writhing in pain. Soon I was holding his shoulder in order not to move. I stopped pressing. I played the game so far. Not wanting to continue to squeeze into. In the meantime. My hands are crawling on his chest. I sedut-sedut chest. And I kissed her ear. Finally I managed to forget kasakitannya with pleasure. And when Lisa appears only in the realm of pleasure. I kept pressing and chreess. I feel like there is a strip. "Aauuww .. Huk Huk .. .. .. Huu Huu .." Lisa screamed loudly and sobbed.
Dah dah ripped her hymen. I do not really care and keep pressing. I saw his lips cipapnya larger blooms like flower buds. Aagghh. I held my pleasure kemutan cipapnya. I held her shoulders and pulled it towards me. Srrtt .. Crrkrktt .. Batangku go further into. Oouuhh delicious as hell., Lisa continued sobbing in pain, while I closed Celik comfort of your own. Batangku easement when I forced to infiltrate into the narrow canal yangg cipapnya. Basah.Lisa feel warm and slightly moaning and squealing little when batangku successfully infiltrate the tersangat cipapnya narrow canal. Wooww. Pleasure when liang cipapnya pinch batangku head, cipapnya meat was warm and a bit slippery, but kemutannya so strong as if the head of such batangku knead. Hit me back up de base and Lisa scream again, I do not care. "Aaww. Bbaanngg sakiit ..", shouted Lisa ask for mercy, her body writhing in pain and shaking. I tried menenteramkannya.Kukulum lips and tongue with lustful Lisa once said kugoyang ponggongku slowly-slowly. Then I kucup forehead. Slowly I brought my lips toward his chest. Kesedut-sedut again. So grow more reddish-noise putih.Mendesah her Lisa. Amusement and pleasure. Finally I pull batangku. Only Kapala batangku are still inside her vagina. I pull and push the head in liang cipapnya batangku many times. Lisa started moaning again. And I took the opportunity to continue stomping batangku crept into the bottom. Lisa's body shot up giving me a hug. "Oohh ... Ssedapnya Ssaakiit .. Bang .." moaned Lisa perlahan.Kata pain has turned into tasty. I made so many times. That easement is playing a virgin Sunti. Still a virgin. And maybe how good an experience it first time virgin Sunti. I hug her tightly. I writhed pleasure to feel the warmth and smoothness of her skin, especially the chest press both breasts are plump. It was so chewy and warm. Nipples nipples seemed to harden and sharp. Our stomachs soft touch and the most stimulating is the time batangku swim-pool in the hole cipapnya gentle but narrow. "Lisa. Hh. What about now ..", I whispered tenderly. He looked at me and smiled shyly. "Mm .. Tuberose Bang Bang .. yes .. apparently favors", he continues terang.Belum he had finished speaking, I pull his head and chewed on her lip yangg naughty, Lisa replied. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and Lisa mengulumnya warm. Kurayapkan both my hands behind him. Rubbing and continue to scour the body from the shoulders down. On a warm shoulder and padat.Kuramas-ramas and when my hand moves to the round circle ponggongnya stimulating. I hold and squeeze as much. I started to shake ponggongnya I gesel Lisa naked body, especially in the crotch where batangku still terpacak. Pressing cipap Lisa's little soft, how nice kurasakan.Lisa tickled squirm, but he did not refuse. Batangku feels tight hole cipapnya bergesel basis. Lisa only moaned and squealed little piquancy. "Aahh .. Tuberose Banngg .. ', makes me more excited she moaned. "Aahh .. Lisa .. Cipapmu .. Favor .. Sshh ..", I moaned easement. "Goyaang Bbaanng ..", she whispered almost inaudibly. Spoiled. I obeyed his will. I was rocking slowly. While I kissed her lips passionately, and he responded with passion. Sniffed his breath. Batangku menggesel-liang gesel cipapnya a bit rough. Lisa hugged tightly ponggongku, the tips of his hands pressed against my back with keras.Kukunya was penetrated my skin. But I do not care, I'm enjoying the floating body. Lisa moaned, groaned in cumbuanku. Several times he tried to bite my lip, but I do not care. I just feel how her pussy hole and gently warm it mengemut batangku tight. As if when I pull out of her vagina batangku.Seolah want to come together. Agghh. Incredible joy. I hissed at length because it was too delicious. I pull and push batangku. Cipapnya hole knocked out. I think dah not stand. Son climax. I saw Lisa-like overlay awang feelings. The second finger gently rubbed the sweat. I kissed her lips again. Invite petting, Lisa greeted me on the lips. I started moving up and down ponggongku. But slow and steady. I pulled slowly out of kemutan batangku cipapnya burrow. Slowly return batangku kusorongkan warm burrow in the gap. Pussy back mengemut batangku skin soft. Kemutan cipapnya burrow back into batangku put a halt to the movement. "Aagghh", I moaned holding back the incomparable pleasure at that time. Lisa gave a little scream and moaning softly between nyilu and delicious flavor. I press down until ponggongku over the entire batangku no longer left out cipapnya slit, punched and punched until I felt between her lips tight and burrow kemutan cipapnya head cipapnya batangku touch base. Her cervix. "Aaghhghh", Lisa was moaning now beginning to feel the joy of this wonderful game. "Oouuhwhww .. Lisa ssee Bangg .. .. .. Oouuhhww Nyee Ssedapp .. .." He returned to moan of pleasure. "Aahhgghh .. B.. Bangg .. Aahhghgh. Favors angg .. b ..", she moaned again. At that time I stuck around batangku back into the hole cipapnya slowly. Both Lisa fingers rubbing and gripping-clutch ponggongku both are constantly moving up and down gently to fuck her. Her body swayed slowly go up and down even kekadang-sifter sifting tarikan.Beberapa tune with the times he let off a soft sigh kucupannya and taste delicious. He was getting used to the movement of this game. I pull and push batangku with great pleasure. I'm deliberately playing Kekadang I played in the groove cipapnya batangku head. I sondol-sondol gem stones. Lisa's body-shaking getarku feel. And when Lisa was moaning pleasure. I was pounding batangku get to the bottom again. Lisa's body lifted up when I did so. That is the keseronokanku. Sunti enjoy the body of a virgin. Lisa's body suddenly stiffened and shaking gently. Kuluman hissed in her mouth against mine. His legs suddenly snapped back ponggongku. As he sifted ponggongnya-sifter. I think his burrow cipap terkemut-kemut make batangku diramas-ramas as strong. Join me extreme pleasure. I let another batangku cipapnya buried in burrows are berkemut-kemut it. A liquid that is warm and slick began to wet the entire trunk. Lisa screamed and moaned little longer. I know. Lisa dah climax again. "Aagghh .. Oouuhh ..", she moaned pleasure. I let Lisa enjoy klimaksnya.Sambil kurendam batangku instantly. Lisa's eyes squeezed shut. Then I continued to paddle in the warm fluids climax. Increasing the rate and pace. I could not resist. Cum water flowing toward the end of batangku. I tried to hold lagi.Tersengguk-sengguk batangku become. But eventually I gave up. I was completely immersed batangku and so let the pleasure take a breath and reach the top delicious. Water gushed cum spilled out of the hole cipapnya. "Aaghh", I will roar loud, let go of any feelings left. Linking my hand Dansambil ponggong Lisa Lisa and the crane fly without beg. Cum on feel the warmth of the water in her vagina. Our bodies are equally bergetaran and convulse. "Oouuh .. Bbaanngg .. Oouugghh ..", Lisa moaned klimaknya off. "Hhgghh ... Lii .. Sa .. Hhghgghhg ... Oouhh joy ...", I moaned as he momentarily lulled menikmati.Batangku cum spewing water in in burrows cipapnya. Kugoyang waist-shake to the left and I was helpless again lifted me. I feel liang cipap Lisa slack. Suddenly his legs hung limp bertenaga.Akhirnya I will not go limp wilted on top of him. I'm really very tired but full of enjoyment. We both just a sigh of pleasure tasted the remnants that remain. I hugged Lisa's body, then kukulum lips gently, then I rolled over on his side, batangku menggelungsur cipap out of its burrow, which is now smooth. He moaned of pain. I threw my body in addition to Lisa's naked body smooth white sweat. Enervation. . Graduate

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