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Friday, March 30, 2012

school children to sell his friend

The next day, after the meeting and arrange everything you need with Mother officers, I went back to Hotel. The time was evening. Close at 7.00 pm. You know tu. If you do not make any kerjapun for work. I like the usual shower and get ready. Meanwhile, I await the arrival of ayu.
I also like a night off from the Hotel and will move to the field of taste. Until I'm in the Hotel Lobby I look pretty. But instead of a. There's another with him. A girl her age. ayu then wear T-shirt and short skirt. A longer dress clothes but not wearing the hood brackets. Ayu appeared aja. Winnie seems me and smiled. I smile back behind him and continued to approach them. I Kujulur hand. Shake with beautiful bay. Ayu then introduced me to her friend.
"Ni, et ayu" he said with a smile.
"Hello" I said.
"Hi" she said again. We greet. She smiles and I smile back.
"Beautiful room may not want to borrow. We want the bath". ayu said later.
"Perhaps. What harm. But we eat first hour. Abang meal shopping. Brother was hungry ni" I said.
"We have people eat lah. Before coming earlier. Sorry yes". Answer ayu.
"Types ni la. Ayu ayu and friends entered the room. Bath. We'll see you later. Okay". I
Rose de, until the room I was. From a distance, I can not seem locked room. Ahh. Already. What is so ni dah. Whispered my heart. Slow-slow I refuse tu door. I seems there is a lady was sleeping on a mattress
"Dear Brother, forgive ayu kerana not wait for the return of Brother. During his brother read this ayu, ayu may have been shared with another man. Actually, last night was the first time to do it beautiful. Experience with Brother will take to get the money ayu ayu shopping". Blah. Blah. And so on
Okaylah. After I read the letter of ayu, I switched to the edge of the bed. I saw a friend was sleeping pretty soundly. Covered comforter provided by the hotel. I think something in the head. Why not join pulak he ni ayu. In my heart ticking. I also noticed he's old. Soon she was squirming. He opened his eyes and continued to sit. His body was still in the comforter. Smiling sweetly, she greeted me.
"H.. Hi .., d ... Dah long b ... Back ..".
"Bye old too" I replied with a smile as friendly as possible.
He was very nervous when mahu ask me. Maybe he's shy. However, because why would he deliberately abandoned by ayu.
"How beautiful!", I asked pretending not to know.
"Eehrr .. ayu .. That .. He .. He .. Bang .. Either .. no .. Tau ..", she replied in a voice-batah terbatah.
I also sat on the ledge kasurl. Next to it.
"Ooh .. So .. ayu tingalkan brother was a yes?", I kept asking.
"Mm ..". He nodded. Getting nowhere see me sitting next to him.
"School is right again. Level how Sis?", I say take advantage of the opportunities that exist.
"Mmph. A.. Aa .. Ting .. Katan .. Four .. Bang ..", he replied terbatah-batah. Nervous and embarrassed.
His face looks red. Obviously the pure white skin, looked sweet and pretty. And small red lips smiled shyly as he showed his white teeth. "Iih. Sister is why be shy. Not like talking to Brother ye", pancingku. "Mpphh .. Tt .. Not .. Aah ..", she smiled sweetly. Ni emboldened him. I thought. "MMH. Perhaps younger brother know the name?" I asked then. "Um ...". He did not answer, but the sweet smile. Blushed. "Mm .. Mm .. Mm .. Mm .. Why Aje .. He he .. It's okay if you can not. Brother just ta ..". "Mm .. Lisa Bang", he suddenly cut me off. "Oo. Lisa. Beautiful ye tu name. Oh yes, the name of Brother ..", I said, holding out her hand. At first she was shy, but eventually he grabbed my right hand. Kujabat a rather small hand tight, silky smooth at all, kinds of hand jugak Winnie. "Abang business ye come here", he asked the more daring. "Saii. Why?" I asked again. "Nothing. Only je said. I can to" answer the more spoiled. kuberanikan myself. I immediately tried to pull her close beside me. He was in accordance with spoiled. Comforter which was originally covered her body. Falling down her shirt to show. Her reaction was that no-sengguk batangku tersengguk. Began to harden. Aiihh. Can ni. Whispered my heart. I immediately embraced the sexy curvy little body and I kissed her cheek gently clean it with white lips. Lisa was shaking and shocked to see actions that are too bold, then immediately pulled down her cheeks. I was not tasty liver makes. "Eeh. Brother ni. Dare", Lisa looked at me. But he was smiling glance. "Ordinary la" jawabku.Mempertahankan themselves. I immediately tried to control herself, smiling sweetly. I immediately grabbed his hand and pulled it out of bed. While I held his hand tightly. Aje cold. I am a very sweet face to face is still smooth and innocent itu.Wajahnya looks shy, but I know. He ni want to feel how good with him. Winnie might have told him. This is my chances to get a virgin anymore Sunti. Whispered my heart. Keeping her sweet smile I told him. "Lisa. Earlier tu. Brother could not help feeling dah. Lisa unusual to?" I asked. "Erm .. no. Ta.k Tak.k?" Lisa seemed to remain shaky. Lisa travels to kusyen. Her body is just as high as my shoulder was swaying fun. Though small, but his passionate and sexy look. Of course the inside even more. Said my little heart. Ponggongnya round-fungal terkulat menggelek sexy, her legs are looking a bit small, it's known is Sunti. Though she wore braces but a bit tight so I can see the shape of her breasts. Although not as belonging to Winnie. Very stimulating at all. A girl whose body began to blossom like a flower blooming in the garden. I started back hard rod. Lisa threw in kusyen ponggongnya. I immediately went over and sat close beside her, I view his face. Small lips look moist and plump rosy-red lipstick. Mm. I wanted kulum kucup and beautiful lips. "Lisa's beautiful ni la.", I teased. "Perhaps not if Abang kiss Lisa." I say the more daring though I know I need not say so. "Iih. Brother ni .. Ahh ..", said Lisa. But I know he was playacting. I became more daring and passionate. "Lisa. Do not be afraid of it. What kid brother. Lisa was my boy. By it. Keep of light". I said. Without me knowing the words were out of my mouth. I'm surprised by my own words as if someone forced me to say so. Meanwhile, Lisa's eyes looked at me, her white face. Sweet red became. Small red fissure lips and looks wet. "Bangg ..", only the spoken word, he just looked at me without a word. I took the initiative with both tenderly clutched her small hands silky smooth. "Correct. What Abang said" Done aje I say that I lift my face to face, and continue aje I kiss her lips gently. Her lips were so warm and soft, feels good and sweet. Our noses touched so softly I hear her breathing falter, but Lisa did not resist, I kulum lower lip is warm and soft, kusedut sedikit.Nikmat. The second time I mengucup lips of a virgin girl Sunti. Exciting. Not long after, I let my lips kiss. I want to see his reaction. When I kucup Lisa was apparently closed his eyes. With haggard eyes he looked at me. Mempesonaku face so sweet, his little lips were still half open kukucup and wet fissure. "Cammnana. Lisa was okay? Okay. Kan", I asked, holding my soul is raging. Unwittingly by Lisa batangku already strained beyond measure, because batangku downward, the pain forced against my will. There was a sense tight. I kucup lips again because I can not stand with my soul alone, but quickly releasing Lisa from remasanku his right hand, arrest my chest gently. I'm not so mengucupnya. "Bang." Lisa whispered softly, looking scared and trembling. "Why. Shame again?", It just came out. My mind has been dominated by nafsu.Tak know what good kid. "But Bang. Lisa Bang afraid" "Afraid of what. Proficient. La. I have nothing to fear Lisa. Believe", pujukku assured. Without kusedari kubasahi own lips. Can not wait to mengucup his little lips again. Batangku harder. In addition to hospital due to wrong parking. Continues to expand, imagine I wrote a few rounds longer wishes will be fulfilled, passionate body image. Naked. Helpless. Ready to eat. Dara Sunti again. Ahh it would be fun. My hands were getting daring move, which was just squeezing fingers. Now beginning to touch upon. Scour of the wrist and hold the arm up to shoulder and gently kuramas. I looked like a round mound of coconut buds beneath his shirt. Visible bulges filled with plump flesh is very stimulating. My fingers tremble in the desire to touch and squeeze the plump hills. I saw Lisa was looking at me. Tergamam. But I'm sure from his face. He has been plagued by a surge of lust. And I think he was ready to pounce tahu.Aku himself. Touched her body. Squeezed and eventually will rule him out and in until satisfied. I smile and stop, but the whispers behind my back as if to say, "Continue". Now the fingers of my right hand began to increasingly desperate to rub shoulders are in bloom, and when my fingers crept to the back, wipe parts kuramas ponggongnya the last round-ramas. Aduuh mak. So fun, warm and solid. "Aahh. Bang", Lisa moaned softly. Weaker. When the fingers of my right hand to move the craze, now I'm moving to infiltrate into the front sides of the solid containing groin, and began to rub a small hill. Cipapnya.Kuusap hill slowly from behind the fabric a bit slippery, and then slowly I bolt up the cloth and kulekapkan my fingers in the middle of her crotch. And I hold slowly. Lisa squirming little, as my fingers began to squeeze gently. Was soft and warm beneath her white panties. I put my mouth back to her small lips still wet fissure. Want to kiss her, but Lisa held my chest with his right hand. "Iih. Bang .. Bang .. Aah .. Bb .. Do not ya malignant malignant-Bang", he whispered. Breathing down ride. Rate. He got dah ni. I thought. Win. Hand fingers are on the sidelines of his thigh that kept I played a role. I forgot myself, and I do not care due to later. Terfikirkan that moment, I wanted to touch Lisa's body, feel its warmth, as well as entirely mixed with bite and feel the pleasure of her virginity until my soul is filled. Without wasting any time soon I mengucup his little lips passionately. Kuhayati and I felt all my feelings of warmth and softness of her lips, I bite the soft, friendly kusedut. Mm favors. Snorted his breathing sounded uncertain when I kucup and kulum tongue. Quite a long time.
To be continued. . .. .

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