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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sea dishes taste

Our country is an archipelago that is very easy to form a healthy diet with seafood menu. Seafood (seafood) is a source of protein, minerals, and vitamins, also contain omega 3 which is recommended for heart health experts.

It's just to eat should be in a fresh condition, either baked, steamed (dipepes), as well as for the soup. Not uncommon for people to lazy to eat fish, not in the fresh smell of putrid fish. For that we need to know how to pick fresh fish.

Seafood including molluscs are mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops. While that includes crustaceans are shrimp, oysters, lobster, and crabs. Seafood sold in frozen form, such as squid and shrimp, which is clean in a plastic bag.

However, for a superior taste and aroma of seafood should be purchased in the form of fresh, and after that must be processed. Seafood processing very easily so it can be quickly served.

Crab Sauce Padang, Sweet!

Shrimp come to the city it's not complete if you do not eat seafood. Cirebon, a city located on the seafront it does have a lot of fresh seafood that is supplied from the coastal areas around Cirebon, as Gebang and Losari. This time the team would like to tell about fond of eating seafood restaurant is very popular in the Seafood H Moel Cirebon in Kalibaru Road South. Moel H Seafood has been a long time in Cirebon, even now there are 3 places. Two of them are located in Kalibaru Road South and is the newest branch in Jalan Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo.
Normally this place would be crowded at the dinner hour arrived, so my family and I arrived early at around 18:30 that gets a seat and did not wait long he-he ... When we arrived there only about 5 tables filled, most who come here are family. Yup, seafood is a delicious food for the meal for all ages.
That night his servant with a friendly offer special menus, and finally we decided to order a Ca Polos Broccoli, Shrimp Grill, Crab Egg Sauce Padang, pomfret fish Bakar, Soursop Juice, and Hot Lime. I also had a look into the kitchen to see the process of cooking, the kitchen was deliberately placed in front of the glass-walled, so we can watch the cooks while processing crab and his friends were.
The first menu is the Shrimp Fuel delivered, Broccoli, and Fish Bawalnya. Wah wah .... steady at all. I immediately took a small basket of rice and a piece of grilled fresh shrimp. Of course not forgetting terasinya sauce. Very yummy shrimp, sweet and fresh. Seporsinya contains about 8-10 pieces of medium-sized shrimp. Euuy solid portion, and a serving of grilled shrimp as much as it priced around USD 65,000. Broccoli is also delicious plain, which is obviously very healthy vegetable to eat broccoli.
Next thing I tasted was burnt pomfret fish, flesh thick and soft. And very good at all when I mix the soy sauce over the fish meat. Euy delicious baked pomfret fish.
What I've been waiting for came, my favorite is the Crab Egg Sauce Padang. A plate containing two small-sized crab, Yum yum ... Solid pasture once spicy sauce, crab meat permeates the already fried first. Abis kicking it.
You must try the crab sauce Seafood Moel prairie style, it feels different from the others. And do not feel two small crabs have been eaten up by our family in, though a little spiciness but we were very satisfied. For a portion of crab sauce that contains two small fields is also not too expensive, only about Rp 90,000, let alone to think that senendang it.
So when it comes to Cirebon, not to be confused anymore to find a good seafood restaurant, stop by just to Moel H Seafood. And do not forget cobain Crabs Sauce pasture. (Ita)

Lemburi Fried crab, delicious indeed!

That afternoon we arrived in Solo, the clock is shown at 18:15. Stomach feels hungry after traveling by train from Yogyakarta. Where the rain also, cold and our stomachs growling really. After Budi picked up, we immediately invited him to dinner and he recommended Canton Restaurant.
Restaurants that sell chinese food and seafood are located in Jalan Gajah Mada 87, Solo. The place still simple, but quite crowded, you know, here. Turns out this is one of the favorite places in Solo Budi. My friend's favorite menu here is a Szechuan eggplant, hmm ... sounds very interesting. Other menus are very tempting. Well, there happened to be lemburi crab, so I ordered the fried crab lemburi. Then, we also messages vietnam chicken.
My hunger was increasing rapidly as the smell of cooking came to our table, let alone see the fried crab lemburi dry, it would be nice is he-he-he .... Krezzz ... the claws very crunchy, and because of this fried flour so that it is also more tasty and crunchy. Wow, this really delicious crab lemburinya. The three of us to fight to eat crab he-he-he ....
Szechuan Eggplant is also a bone of contention between the three of us, the soft eggplant mixed with Szechuan seasoning was spicy sweet ... really fun, delicious with hot rice. Honestly this is my first time eating eggplant cooked Szechuan, it turns out ... hhmmm tenan delicious.
Our third menu is the chicken vietnam, and it turns out that this was also no less delicious menu with two earlier. Chicken fillet cubes are fried first, but not until dry, then a new deh sauce cooked with black pepper and onions. There is a sense of sweetness and there is a very distinctive nutty flavor that comes from black pepper.
All of the menu we ordered delicious taste, perhaps others as well as tasty. Next time we come over here again yes because I am still curious about the other menus, such as the mushroom layer of meat, beef tibet, salt and shrimp open. It sounds very interesting menu, he-he-he .... Ok, good luck with Canton cuisine. (Ita)
Sources: www.doyanmakan.com

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