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Monday, March 26, 2012

secret potions sexs chinese emperor

 Just like the kings in various parts of the world, the emperor of China also likes to hunt. There are times when the king came out accompanied by his loyal aides and bodyguards. Rabbits and deer often become the main target of the arrow of the king.
In addition to tasty meat, these animals are very agile and his run is not less powerful than the emperor riding horses and followers. Thus, if the emperor could well physically sweat riding When the king's golden robe that exposed the sun was shining more and more passionate desire to hunt. Moreover, the king is not only motivated by the difficulty of getting the animals that it agile.
"There are drugs that are being sought by the emperor!" said Dr. Rahmat, a traditional Chinese medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM) clinic in a conversation in Shanghai, where he practiced.
Each time a deer or elk arrow pierced the king's young, straight horns cut off. "Well, the blood that flowed from the horn, so the most a few drops, put in a cup that had been given wine, drink immediately," he said. And that's the sure cure for the virility of the king.
Tens of thousands of
This is a glimpse of a story that often contained in the stories of ancient Chinese literature. Sip a drop or two drops of blood from deer antlers is a small herb used by Chinese emperors to boost stamina and virility. "There are thousands of ingredients used," he said.
Thousands of herbs is a combination and variation of several herbal ingredients or simplicia called the doctors as a libido booster and stamina.
According to Dr. Grace, the core of the herb is basically to improve or strengthen the energy (ginseng, astragalus, dang roots of zinc), strengthens the blood (dang qui, chuan xiong) and kidney (antlers, Morinda officinalis how, stem and root parasites, and cistanche salsa which in China is called roucongrong).
Herbal ingredients to be the only means of physical exercise such as tai chi and kung fu is not always done the emperor, although there is also a physical training is to strengthen stamina in bed. "Taichi useful to strengthen the waist," said David Sungahandra sinse.
The recipes are definitely different levers between the physician of the emperor an emperor with a physician before or after. "The recipes are important to the emperor because they were busy with the daily affairs of state," said Dr. Rahmat.
Moreover, that must be visited by the emperor's concubines were a number of decades. So, with a tight schedule, the emperor should follow a variety of protocol. Starting from the drink recipe to determine the day and consorts who have visited.
Since noon, the concubine of the emperor visited already knew would have to prepare yourself. "Massage, bathing, and grooming is a beautiful part of the protocol to be served the concubines," said Dr. Rahmat.
For the emperor, the procedure was so complicated. The king was quite a shower and given the drug ingredient in the afternoon, before making the concubine is "upside down" at night. (GHS / Abdi Susanto)

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