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Friday, March 30, 2012

semen has a sense of what it implies

 Seminal fluid serves as a lubricant in a sexual relationship. Each ejaculation, the average male seminal fluid or semen released about a teaspoon. This seminal fluid more or less depending on age (younger more and more and more), when was the last ejaculation, and the type of stimulation received.
A teaspoon of semen contains approximately 21 kilojoules (kilo calories) and 200-500 million sperm. Because the amount of sperm is only about one percent of the seminal fluid, and what the remaining 99 percent?
According to sexologist Dr Elna McIntosh, in addition to sperm, seminal fluid made up of fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, enzymes, proteins, phosphate, and zinc.
Therefore, no need to worry if accidentally swallowed the semen. To prevent transmission of sexual diseases, it is advisable to use a condom during sex.
Nevertheless, is still debated, whether the transmission of HIV virus can occur through oral sex containing seminal fluid. To be sure, not a sexually transmitted disease that can occur through oral sex.
A study published recently in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that men who consumed antioxidant (active substance which is obtained from fruits and vegetables) have a better quality of sperm motion somehow, ejaculate volume, sperm concentration as well as those who frequently consume meat and full-fat dairy products.
Antioxidants have long been regarded as substances that are useful in slowing the aging process, boost the immune system, protects the body from exposure to free radicals that can damage cells that protect from diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. And now said to be also beneficial in strengthening the sperm
Research done by several universities in Spain examined 61 men, 30 had poor sperm kualtiasnya, 31 normal cement. They were given the opportunity to eat 93 different foods and are not allowed to take vitamins / supplements during the study.
The man who turned out normal cement is known to those who eat foods rich in fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants, rich in folic acid, vitamin C, and the cement licopen than bad.
If so, in order to increase the quality of sperm, men need to eat lots of foods that contain antioxidants, then? Yes, said Jaime Mendiola, head of research and teaching at the University of Murcia.
So, what is the best source of antioxidants? Carrie Bloxson, nutritional consultant from New York stating that you should consume a nutritional supplement and not a replacement origin. "I also recommend you keep the original food megnonsumsi than synthetic supplements so the body does not need to process the chemicals it carries."
Bloxson recommend a set of sperm quality-enhancing substances in foods such as:

* Folic acid: spinach, asparagus, beans and lentils.

* Vitamin C: broccoli, oranges, strawberries.

* Lycopene: tomatoes, watermelon, grapes.

Sperm Quality

In addition to knowing the fertile couples, expectant fathers also need to prepare the quality and quantity of seed fertility in fertilization because the father is very dependent on two things.
To be referred to as the quality of sperm cells, at least three criteria must be met:
A. Quantity
A man is considered infertile if you have more than 20 million sperm per millimeter of seminal fluid. Even so, according to experts, having healthy sperm (quality) is just as important as the amount of sperm produced.
Of millions of sperm released during ejaculation, only 200 sperm reach the egg in the fallopian tube (ovarian line). Of this amount, only one of the lucky sperm cells can fertilize the egg.
2. Quality
Morphology (shape and structure) of sperm are also significant in determining the success of fertilization. If one-third of the amount of sperm produced has a normal shape and structure of the likelihood of conception is also higher.
Normal sperm have an oval head shape and tail length to push forward and swim to reach the egg. Sperm that are large, small, oval, curly, or have a double tail, is more difficult to fertilize the egg.
3. Movement
To achieve the target, the sperm must be able to move. If you can not move, might instead be carried by sperm and seminal fluid away from the egg. In order to reach the egg, sperm have to move on their own. Sperm cells must be agile and swim as far as a few inches to reach and fertilize an egg. You called fertile if at least half of the sperm to move forward.
So, what needs to be done so that the sperm is in the best performance?
- Take a multivitamin
Take a multivitamin every day can help to meet the body's intake of selenium, zinc, and folic acid, which is an essential nutrient for sperm production.
- Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that are good for improving the condition of the sperm.
- Reduce stress
Stress adversely affects the hormones that are important in sperm production. Stress is also a culprit of decreased sexual desire.
- Exercise regularly
Regular physical activity will make the body more healthy, including reproductive health. But do not overdo it. Men who exercise excessively intensity showed temporal changes in hormone levels and decreased sperm quality.
- Keep your weight
Too much or too little body fat would disrupt production of the hormone testosterone that result in decreased sperm count and increased numbers of abnormal sperm. In addition, excess fat can disrupt blood flow to the testicles.
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