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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sensitive points in Women

Aggressive stance on the bed plus a perfect erection was not enough to make a pair "peek" the beauty of heaven the moment of orgasm. If you want to create a burning desire him more quickly reach orgasm at the same time, know the sensitive points. Guaranteed he would ask again and again.

the face

- Lip, this section is rich in nerves that are sensitive to the touch. According to the teachings of Tantra, there is a nerve that connects the upper lip directly to the clitoris. Lips can also be used to explore all parts of the body.

- The nose and eyes

Just as the scrotum (testicle sac) when touched with a gentle eyelid skin also produces a similar sensation. Gently rub your nose with your nose mate, then gently kissed her lips softly. Lalukan with the intense and slowly.


The sensitive neck area has no less sensuous in firing nerve. The back of the neck also has the nerve endings of several thousand.

Breast and nipple

Either with a smoked, licked, rubbed, or gently squeezed, the body will help to improve sexual arousal.

Inner thigh

Caress soft or wet with your tongue to make it instantly turn on.


Area between the navel and pubic bone filled with pleasure dots. Activating these points stimulates the flow of blood around the pubic area.


The front pads mons veneris soft tissue that is located approximately 5 cm above the clitoris is full of nerve endings. Touching these parts with your fingers can evoke the sensation and improve orgasm.

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