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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sex can build a harmonious household

Some things that prove that the adult sex roles in the integrity of the household has a substantial share:

Keeping Sex Domestic Harmony

Do not underestimate the role of sex in the household, because according to sexologist Dr advisor. Naek L. Tobing, sex can be the determining factor of a household harmony. Kemesraannya who stayed up until almost 40 years with his wife because they regularly had sex and always innovating.

Routine sex couples Creating Confidence Rises

Adult sex 1-2 times a week routine is a fun activity for couples. Through sex, usually a couple can open each one to the other. Confidence in the pair will continue to grow stronger and more so.

Making Sex Younger

Some people even believe sex in the household make people younger. Sex pair relaxed and able to cope with stress. Dr. Boyke suggest to couples who have been married for a variety of sexual positions in order to avoid saturation in intercourse. You can learn it through sex video sex consultation or buy books to enrich the variety of sex positions that can be done conveniently with a partner. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to make innovations in intimate relationships, will make it even more exciting and fun.

Domestic initiatives Sex Couples Make Feel Needed

Take the initiative. Do not wait for the requesting spouse. If only one side is active while the other passive. Usually that is always active will feel bored and wondering to herself, if only he was in need of sex in this relationship? Is he not? If not immediately realize it could be the sole partner of this pair will experience a decline in confidence and was not required. Make your partner flattered then he will love you!

Pasariasi in sex

in domestic relations crucial role in sex, and for that every pair in running the monotonous routine of sex or that it is only boring our spouses, sometimes can make us partners in intercourse selingkuh.pariasi it greatly affects the sex keharmonisan.sebab can make an extraordinary fantasy

                             some examples of the sex pariasi
movement parallel to her buttocks with kepaladan menungging man penetration of belakng, will make women more enjoyable for penis rub the walls of the vagina

upright men and women turn one's back while bending over

man resting on his knees and lifted her head under the

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