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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sex Jokes Stories For the snot-nosed kids

was there-there wrote ula teenager today who are familiar with new inexperienced sexs

Abg sex certainly written not as HOT extraordinary work of masters who are already experts. We just want to share stories, laugh with the joke-joke that nyerempet to sex. Gratitude that there is a laugh, if ya dont no what, maybe next time he he can laugh.

  Deh ya already, here's some jokes about sex stories, but associated with a new child that is not big, aka abg aunts, Monggo enjoyed. Recommended reading all these stories over a cup of coffee below. Why? Yeah so not sleepy wrote that the story was not funny.

Sex Jokes Stories For ABG [HUMOR]

The first sex abg

A beautiful and sexy woman who went to the doctor to consult with the disease.

Patient: "Doc, my breasts feel hard at all and really hurt you?"

Then the doctor began to examine with the woman holding the breasts for a while, and asked the patient again

Patient: "So how do dock?"

Doctor: "It's like an infectious disease. Now my penis is hard and painful. "

And this is for the abg sex stories about widows and widowers. Eh not ya see funny aja deh gan!

Three months after her husband died, her parents arranged marriage with Enny Yopi, widower of the village next door. Although actually still grieving, Enny finally agreed togethers with Yopi.

Their first night, Enny waiting in bed, selimutan. When he saw the blanket open Yopi Enny naked, without a bra, but wearing a black CD. Enny said,

"Mas Yopi .. my lips .. my body .. my chest .. yours now .. but ... sorry mas .. the black dress below .. he's still grieving .. "

Yopi thinkers for a moment, then he says .. "Do not say pa-pa .. but while yes .. "

Yopi to the bathroom. Back from the bathroom, she was naked and wearing only a black condom Yopi says with a grin,

"Say .. the black dress below .. she wants it deep condolences! "

Here is a collection of stories abg sex is very well known.

There is a conversation three husbands:

First husband: "I wonder, my wife was really strange behavior, he said he wanted to buy the DVD player, but we do not have a TV aja ..."

Second husband: "My wife was even stranger, sir, forcing'm forced to buy gas cylinders, when the stove in our house is still oil stove ..."

The third husband: "Well, my wife the most weird, sir, he said he wanted to work out of town, he brought 10 pack of condoms, imagine, sir, 10 pieces, he ga thinkers what? Would be installed where a condom? she's a woman ... "

If the following story about three people who talk about their sex with their wives

Occurs in a bar conversation between three young men, each of which comes from Asia.

Japanese: "Last night I made love with my wife three times. In the morning my wife made a very tasty breakfast to please me ".

Chinese: (Not to be outdone) "Last night I made love to my wife six times. In the morning my wife make breakfast in the morning and said that he would not be able to love another man. "

Then they asked the people of Indonesia: "What about you ... Paimin?"

Paimin: "Only once."

"Yeah, right ...," said the Chinese and Japanese was almost in unison.

"Yeah ... just once," said Paimin.

"And what did your wife in the morning?" They asked.

"Beware, do not stop," he said.

Japan and China: "??!"

Perhaps before you move abg, when still a child never experienced anything like tono below:

Tono baby daddy was passing through the room when he heard a noise. Incidentally the door not locked, and Tono go and see Daddy is moving on Mama. Tono naively approached and jumped into the back of Dad, want to play piggyback.

Papa was very surprised, but because they think Tono not understand anything, he said, go ahead shake Mama Tono riding his back.

Not long after Mom started moaning and groaning louder longer. Adi also said, "Let's strong grip, Pa! If this already generally Om Mama Eko same will Tono bounced! "

Around the world on their honeymoon wow that would be nice, but what happened to the story below:

After a honeymoon around the world. Vina Williams was asked by her best friend about the beauty of her honeymoon.

"How kesanmu honeymoon traveling the world? Impressive, is not it? "

"What's so impressive! Actually sad! "

"Right, how sad?"

"My husband's hobby shop. So in every country he has bought this and that, until the hotel was tired to sleep. I do not even have time to enjoy my first night! "

That he is a collection of various sex abg has been written. If yes please wrote funny laugh until his death, but that's not funny sorry his name is nubie. The new study makes a good story and true, the most important: his intention to make the reader laugh at the PBU with heart's content.

The idea of ​​sex lulucon above is taken from various sources, so the story also varies slightly. If for example the temperature you want to edit and provide crackling on all the above, please do not be aloud to my heart is pure and clean is not strong if shouted at. But if the critics are willing to donk abg pretty hard to make in-kerasin.

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